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During a Unity Day event, Jaha announces that the first Exodus ship will take a group to Earth. After his speech, a bomb goes off that was intended to kill him. Diana was behind the explosion. Instead, six others were killed, including Kane's mother.

Diana plans to take over the Exodus ship to send herself and her people down to Earth. To power it quickly, they will hurt the Ark and leave those behind in danger.

Jaha tries to stop them, but he's unsuccessful. Abby refuses to help them. It's unclear what happens to her and whether she's alive or dead.

On Earth, Finn meets with Lincoln to set up peace talks. They agree to a time and place for their leaders to talk. Finn convinces Clarke to attend, but she goes behind his back and has armed Bellamy follow with Jasper and Raven. 

During the talks, Jasper sees Grounders in the trees with bows and arrows. He fires and a battle ensues. Lincoln gets shot with an arrow.

Peace is not likely.

The Exodus ship launches, but comes into Earth too quick without a parachute. It explodes.

The 100
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The 100 Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Octavia: Better?
Lincoln: We'll make a warrior out of you yet.

Need a hand now that you almost blew one off?