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At the start of The 100 Season 2 Episode 14, Jaha and Murphy are still trekking through the Dead Zone. There isn't a lot of excitement in the desert, until an abrupt explosion alerts them to the fact that they are in a mine field.  

President Cage still can't find the missing members of the 100, who we know are being hidden by defectors inside Mount Weather. He is also wondering why there is a Grounder army waiting at the barrier of the mountain, when it's common knowledge that their defenses have kept them safe from attack for 97 years.

Meanwhile, Clarke is nervous that their plan to unlock the doors at the mountain won't work. Lexa tells her not to worry about details they have already thought through. Lexa is not blind to the fact that Clarke is worried about Bellamy in particular. Lexa tells Clarke that part of being a leader is knowing that you may be sending your people to battle to die for you.

Back at Camp Jaha, Raven can't crack the acid fog without information from Bellamy, but Bellamy's key card stolen from Lovejoy is no longer working. His cover is blown and security is after him.

Raven reluctantly summons Wick to the engineering room to help with the acid fog problem. She is clearly frustrated and anxious about finding a solution in time. After all, a lot of lives are on the line. 

Octavia, in full Grounder garb, is still trying to figure out how Clarke survived the blast. She puts together that Clarke knew and confronts her about her actions. Clarke tells her it was to save Bellamy, but Octavia doesn't believe that Bellamy would have wanted her to do that. 

On the run, Bellamy makes it to Maya's apartment. Her dad tells him that Maya, Jasper and Monty are safe and helps him with an alternate route to the acid fog control room. 

After Lexa sends Octavia to guard duty, telling her that Indra will meet her there, Clarke becomes suspicious when she runs into Indra. She realizes that Octavia has been sent to die and gets there just in time to save her

She tells Lexa that Octavia cannot be killed, but Lexa pushes back. Clarke sees that Lexa cares about her and uses that knowledge to save Octavia. She tells her that if anything happens to Octavia, she will expose their part in the missile attack. Lexa's emotions are beginning to show through, especially in regards to Clarke.

Back in the Dead Zone, Jaha is leading Murphy and the gang through the mine field. When one Arker gets impatient and makes a break for it, Jaha tackles him just in time to miss a mine. 

At Mount Weather, Bellamy has found the room where the acid fog is controlled, describing to Wick and Raven what he sees.

They realize that the tanks have to be cleaned at intervals and to do so the acid would have to be neutralized. They are able to use this to neutralize the acid, and it is a success. In the excitement of their win, Raven kisses Wick.

Lexa summons Clarke, telling her that Octavia is safe and that she trusts her.  Clarke knows this is hard for her to do, but tells her that maybe they are meant to do more than just survive. Lexa admits that maybe she is right and kisses her. Clarke kisses her back, but then pulls away, saying she's not ready to be with someone yet.

A flare alerts them to Bellamy's success and Lexa tells Clarke that she was right to have faith in him. They are going to war.

After this announcement, Raven returns to the engineering room and kisses Wick, chalking it up to a rash wartime decision. 

Bellamy realizes that the levels pH levels in the tanks are rising. His communications have been intercepted and Cage can hear his communications. Security is after Bellamy in the control room, but Bellamy is resourceful and orchestrates an explosion. He makes it out just before the explosion annihilates the room. 

The only thing standing between the Grounder/Sky People army and Mount Weather are the doors.

As they head to battle, Octavia learns that Indra knows about Lexa's decision to abandon Ton DC before the missile strike and wonders why she isn't mad. Before sounding a battle cry, Indra tells her that it's Lexa's ruthlessness that will win them the war. Octavia doesn't agree. 

In the City of Light, Jaha and Murphy come upon in tact solar panels. Murphy damages one, and a drone appears reporting images back to an unknown location. They attempt to follow the drone, uncertain where, or to who, it leads.

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The 100 Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

Clarke: What if it was too dangerous and I sent him in there anyway?
Lexa: You care about him.

Jaha: These mines are just another test of our faith.
Murphy: Well, I was always crap at tests. So please, after you, Chancellor.