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Clarke breaks Anya out of her cage as Dr. Tsing arrives. Clarke hides in the cage with Anya to avoid detection. When the doctor leaves, Clarke and Anya leave the containment area and are dropped down a shoot. They land on a pile dead or nearly-dead bodies. They dress in remnants found in the area.

Anna doesn't want to leave her people. When Reapers approach, Anya wants to fight but she's too weak. The Mountain Men are feeding the Reapers. Clarke and Anya hide in the car full of bodies as a way to get out.

Kane refuses to send a team after Finn and Bellamy's group. He questions Abby about whether she helped the kids. She believes she's right just like she she was on the Ark. She rubs it in Kane's face that he wasn't elected Chancellor and is only on Earth because Jaha beat him to the path of redemption.

Bellamy and Finn's group head towards the drop ship. Murphy wants to be freed to protect himself, but Bellamy refuses. Finn doesn't listen and just cuts Murphy's restraints. They continue on their journey.

Octavia offers to help Indra and the Grounders fight the Reapers. Indra tells her people to kill Octavia, but Octavia runs and hides from them.

Maya shows Jasper a room full of artwork. They almost kiss, but get caught in the room. Monty runs up to them and tells Jasper that Clarke is missing. He's worried, but Jasper insists that Clarke can take care of herself.

Anya says a few words over a dying Grounder and breaks his neck in mercy before jumping out of the car with Clarke.

Finn and Bellamy come across a group of Grounders at the drop ship. Finn spots a one-eyed Grounder wearing the watch Clarke got from her father. Finn and Bellamy attack and capture the one-eyed Grounder and take him to the underground bunker.

Kane orders a punishment for Abby, including monitoring and being confined to her quarters she's not working. Major Byrne believes that she should be punished according to the Exodus Charter and be lashed and suggests it would act as a deterrent to others.

Kane disagrees. He wants to start over and do something better on Earth. The patrol brings in a Grounder and people attack him demanding to know what happened to their kids. One of the residents grabs an officer's gun and gets shot.

Monty and Jasper are worried because Clarke is missing. Jasper wants to confide in May, but Monty's not sure if they should trust anyone. Jasper believes he can trust Maya and they don't have any other option.

Anya wants to go her separate way and heads back. Clarke heads in the other direction when she hears Reapers coming. Clarke is surrounded by Reapers when two Mountain Men in protective gear save her.

Octavia follows Indra and the Grounders. Indra has a plan and wants to use Octavia as bait to trap the Reapers and recover their people.

Major Byrne gets Abby and brings her to the center of Camp Jaha. Kane apologizes to Abby, but believes it's necessary for the community. She's sentanced to 10 lashes. Abby doesn't believe this is necessary on Earth. Abby takes the punishment and remains strong and defiant while she yells in pain.

Bellamy questions the one-eyed Grounder about the watch. He says that he found it on the ground outside the camp. They don't believe him. Finn hits the prisoner and screams at him. Bellamy tries to stop Finn, but he's unsuccessful. Finn beats the Grounder, then points a gun at him and counts down. The Grounder agrees to talk and tells them the prisoners are east of there and offers to draw a map.

Back at Camp Jaha, Major Bryne questions the Grounder they capture. She pulls her gun on him, but Kane orders her to stand down and orders her to leave and get some air. Kane believes there's a better way.

The Reapers approach Octavia who is laying on the ground as bait. The Grounders attack the Reapers with Octavia joining the fight. She kills a Reaper and saves Indra's life. They rescue the taken Grounders, but Lincoln's not there. Octavia wails in pain from losing Lincoln.

Maya tells Jasper that Clarke had a breakdown and she's in the psych ward and she's not allowed to have visitors for a few days. In reality, the two men tell Clarke she's going to be put in the Harvest Chamber with the Grounders. Anya shows up and saves her from the men. They pull the masks off the two men and run down the tunnel. The Mountain Men want Clarke to turn herself over. Anya jumps off the cliff into the dam and Clarke jumps too.

Jackson takes care of Abby's wounds when Kane comes to visit. She asks him if it worked and the others are back in line. She admits she broke the rules and will take the punishment. Regardless, she won't stop looking for missing kids and her daughter.

Kane is sending a delegation out with the Grounder prisoner to attempt to negotiate a peace. Abby warns him that it could be a trap and he believes it's worth it. Abby wants to go with him. Instead he wants her to remain behind to be Chancellor.

Clarke and Anya survive the jump into the water. Clarke wants to go back to the drop ship, but Anya has other plans and wants her to pay for the 300 people she killed. She hits Clarke in the head with a rock to bring her back to her people.

In the bunker, Bellamy and Murphy argue about what to do with the one-eyed Grounder. While arguing, Finn shoots him in the head. They head out to the east in search of their friends.

Nyko tells Octavia that she won't be killed. He expresses sadness for Lincoln and commends her for fighting with them. Indra gives her a nod of acceptance and approval.

The Grounders not saved were brought to the Mountain Men by the Reapers. They are send to harvest, except for Lincoln who is "marked for the Cerberus" program.

The 100
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The 100 Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Kane: Are we really back to this? On the Ark, you did anything you wanted. Without a second thought about the consequences.
Abby: On the Ark, I did what I needed to do, and I was right. Just like now.

Clarke: Once we get out of here, we can find help. We can come back.
Anya: There is no "we."