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The war breaks out but Wonkru doesn't know that they have been betrayed. They soon realize that they won't make it out of their alive and end up losing many lives. Bellamy and Octavia wake up after an explosion and have to wait until it gets dark to run off the battlefield. There they find Indra and a very injured Gaia.

The space group figures out what happened and end up captured by McCreary. He keeps Raven and Zeke because they are his pilots that he will need going forward.

Echo and Clarke see each other again when Echo is taken hostage while Clarke is still working for McCreary. She talks to Echo and Madi who point out what she did to Bellamy was a betrayal and that she can still make it right and not make the same mistake that Madi saw Lexa make. 

The space group with Madi save Bellamy and the others. Madi is now the official Commander and is leading everyone to deal with McCreary. 

Abby and Kane reunite and then Vinson reappears, he bits Kane and then Abby kills him. Kane is left wounded badly and he tells Abby that he knows she convinced Octavia to force them to eat human meat in the bunker. 

The 100
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