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Abby is going through withdrawal, and with Clarke's help, she recovers. During though, she remembers how the Dark Year became them eating people.

The crops were in trouble so Abby suggested cannibalism, which then became her pushing Octavia into forcing it on everyone for the sake of survival. At first, Kane says no and others follow, but then Octavia shots some people and this pushes Kane to eat the human remains.

Madi points out to Clarke that them working with McCreary is wrong and she isn't the hero here.

The space group works with Kane and Charmaine to figure out how to win against McCreary, all while communicating with those marching from the bunker.

Bellamy makes it clear to Octavia who his family is, which puts her in another position as the leader who was originally just going to war. 

While scouting Zeke has to save the others, which forces Raven to come to terms with her feelings for him.

Kane and Charmaine meet McCreary and tell him about their plan, allowing the bunker people to walk into a trap while the space group is unaware of what is going down behind their backs as they plan for the next morning. 

The 100
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The 100 Season 5 Episode 11 Quotes

McCreary: Override the loop, I want to know where the hell they are.
Prisoner: It took me ten minutes to find rewind.

We thought we should let you know that you killed your own people. Enjoy your walk.