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Octavia faces trouble when Charmaine tempts her people to defect with food and the promise of a better life. Kara warns Octavia that she needs to remind people who is in charge because there is starting to be doubt in her.

Octavia also finds issue with Echo, telling her she has to leave or else she will fight in the arena. Bellamy doesn't support this, telling Octavia that he will leave with her. At first they then decide that Echo will spy for Octavia and tell her who is planning to leave.

Echo can't do that, but she can be an actual spy who goes to Eden and connects to their server so they can see what is happening and figure out how to take them down. Echo gets in and manages to fit the role well right away.

Clarke is trying to keep Madi's secret from getting out, but Niylah figures it out and Gaia knocks her out to explain to Clarke that she can't be trusted. Niylah is loyal to Wonkru now and soon enough Octavia will find out so she can't keep it a secret for long.

Clarke decides to leave with Madi, but she disappears to go find Octavia and tell her the truth so that she could be on their side. Octavia tells Clarke that she will keep her secret but Clarke doesn't look convinced. 

Emori and Murphy also reconnect in the woods when she tries to help him with the weapon around his neck and they finally talk about their relationship. 

The 100
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