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Clarke and Monty talk about Jasper’s letter but are interrupted by Kara. They notice she is going to a secret room and figure out a way in. There they discover that they kept the worms, and are growing them in one of the defectors to see what happens. 

They realize this is an attempt at warfare, with Bellamy not knowing if Octavia is behind it. They recruit Indra who confronts Octavia, who actually was behind this. This is her way of winning Eden and it doesn’t sit well with anyone. 

Meanwhile Madi starts training but holds back so she won’t get noticed. Gaia convinces her to do it more realistically and shows her the flame. In the end Madi can’t hold back and reveals her skill, causing Octavia to recruit her. 

Clarke can’t do anything but agree. Then she goes to Bellamy and the others and says radios Charmaine. She announces that they will take out Octavia instead of the original plan to just leave. 

Echo and Raven try to think of a plan that doesn’t sell out Zeke. Echo goes behind Raven’s back and betrays him. They end up with access but he ends up one of the prisoners after that. Raven can’t forgive Echo for it right away 

Abby is struggling with her addiction and Kane tells her to choose but she can’t. Charmaine comes in and reveals that she is pregnant. 

The 100
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