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The bunker is explored once again with Kane in the fighting pits winning but Octavia refusing to pardon him. She says he is to fight again the next day and it is made clear that he is in there because he took the blame for Abby who stole pills for her addiction.

Bellamy figures out a way to create a deal that saves Octavia. Then he reunites with Clarke and they get a second to let Raven and Murphy know that she is alive as well.

In space Raven and Zeke have an online hacking flirt off. Murphy and Raven have issues when Charmaine tries to kill them and they chose to wake everyone up from cryo sleep to keep themselves safe.

The next day Kane refuses to fight so Octavia is about to kill him until the bunker is open and Bellamy flies in. He and Octavia reunite but pretty quickly he sees how much darker her journey has gone. 

They tell Octavia about the deal but she isn't supportive the whole time. Charmaine announces that she wants Abby and then Clarke says no, Abby offers to go only if they take Marcus too because of the fact that Octavia still wants to punish him.

Octavia's attitude pushes one of McCreary's guys to shoot at them and Octavia blames Bellamy for getting her people killed. 

The 100
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