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Bellamy and Indra have to figure out how to get to peace, deciding that they will go to Charmaine but then Octavia wakes up. This forces them to consider putting the flame in Madi, which doesn't go over well with Clarke. She refuses to agree to this but isn't given much of a choice when Bellamy and Gaia talk to Madi.

Madi agrees that this is the only way to keep Clarke safe and they put the flame in her.

Octavia wakes up and Clarke manages to escape and find her, planning to kill her to keep Madi safe. Instead, the two decide that Octavia will let Clarke and Madi leave in exchange for her life.

This means Clarke leaves Bellamy and Gaia and Indra to face Octavia's wrath while she leaves the bunker after shooting the guard that Octavia planned to have assassinate them.

Meanwhile, the space group tries to stir drama from within Eden and succeed with the help of Murphy. Unfortunately, they soon find out what the people in the bunker were trying to achieve with peace and how they ruined it by having McCreary and Charmaine at odds now, with Abby taken by McCreary in the process. 

The 100
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The 100 Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

Charmaine: You could have been a miner doc.
Abby: Miners don’t care about destroying the ground they’re digging in. If I did that my patient would die so don’t ask me to do it intentionally because I won’t.

I'm their only pilot, they will never stop looking for me. Raven, that means you will never be safe. I don't know why I care about that. Maybe it's your easy going charm.