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Bellamy and Clarke wake a few peopel up; Raven, Miller, Emori, Murphy Jackson, Zeke, Abby, and Niylah who listen to the message that was left behind.

They end up breaking up into two groups, one stays behind in space (Jordan, raven, Abby, and Niylah) while everyone else decides to visit the new planet and figure out if they can survive there.

Raven is still unhappy with Abby after what she did to her, and she chooses not to forgive her. Abby wants to heal Kane, and decides to do it by taking blood from all their people, except for Octavia. Niylah doesn't listen and wakes up Octavia as well, who sees that Bellamy is missing.

Octavia confronts Abby and Kane, which causes Kane to seem like he is about to die. Abby has to put him back in cryo to keep him stable, and through that process doesn't take pills which is meant to prove to Raven that she is better.

Before he leaves, Zeke and Raven have sex and exchange I love yous.

The other group then goes down to the new planet, Planet Alpha, which Jordan realizes with Raven is actually a moon. 

The group is mostly still not happy with Clarke, with only Bellamy really on her side. At first everything seems great, even if there are no other people.

But then that night the bugs go crazy and the group has to run to escape, Zeke accidentally goes first into a radiation zone and ends up dying even though Clarke tries to save him.

The next day the group comes to a villiage where there are different but empty houses.

Bellamy and Clarke talk about the radio calls and discover a book warning about a Red Sun and the results of an eclipse.

Murphy finds an iPod and is dancing when Emori attacks him, proving that the eclipse is real. At the same time, their ship is seen going back up into space, meaning someone else is there and is headed for the other group still up there. 

The 100
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The 100 Season 6 Episode 1 Quotes

Bellamy: I'm sorry I couldn't respond all those years. Madi told me.
Clarke: Of course she did. I know it sounds crazy, Madi certainly thought it was. But talking to you every day, even though you didn't answer, it kept me sane.
Bellamy: That's not crazy. A little pathetic maybe, but it's not crazy.

Am I a monster? Yes, I am. Just like both of you. The cannibal doctor and the man she loves, even after he floated her husband.