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The episode begins with flashbacks to the people from Eligius 3 who first ended up on that moon. Josephine is the daughter of two scientists, one of whom has the name Russell Lightbourne. She tries to sleep with a guy she likes, who first mentions embryos. The eclipse starts, possibly for the first time, and she returns to camp where her dad killed her mom and hurts her next.

The sun starts to affect everyone, with Emori and Bellamy and Jackson harming their partners.

At first Bellamy and Clarke decide that everyone needs to chain themselves up, with Emori and Echo in one room and Jackson and Miller in another.

Bellamy and Clarke and Murphy share a separate room, where Clarke pushes back when Murphy is angry with her again. Bellamy and Clarke then have to go check on Jackson and Miller, because Miller is hallucinating and Jackson tries to harm him.

They go back to see that Murphy has escaped, he is armed and doesn't trust anyone.

They divide to try to find him, which is when Clarke starts to hear Abby telling her that she should kill herself. Murphy stops her and they go look for Bellamy, who is trying to get in to see Echo and Emori. Echo knocks herself out.

Bellamy becomes a threat to Murphy and Clarke, first trying to drown Murphy. Then he chokes Clarke, who has to stab him to stop him. Once the red sun disappears, Bellamy realizes what he did.

Meanwhile, the group in space is struggling with Octavia who is looking for a way to beat up herself. She threatens the people from the bunker, telling them she was right and refusing to accept responsibility. 

Then the mysterious people who took the ship appear. 

Everyone is caught, except Raven who wakes up Diyoza for help. Diyoza tries to take hostages and threaten the people, which almost works. They get to them and then tag Madi in who surprises them so they have the upper hand. They go down on the ship to the new planet, with Madi and Diyoza staying behind with Gaia.

Raven and Abby and Jordan and Octavia try to look for the others. Raven first discovers that Zeke is dead. They find them just as they wind down from the eclipse. The new character who led them there brings children who must have been hiding, they ask Clarke if they are there to take them home. 

The 100
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The 100 Season 6 Episode 2 Quotes

Bellamy: We're all breathing it in.
Miller: If it's the air out there, then we'll stay in here.

Sanctum is mine!

Russell Lightbourne