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Murphy is found after the explosion by Jackson and Raven. They dig for Emori and find her buried under the rubble and stabbed through her leg. She needs medical help so the others have to get to the stone to take her to Sanctum where Jackson has supplies to treat her. They spend all this time breaking away at the floor where they think the stone is, while Emori tells Raven not to save her but to focus on the others in Bardo.

They finally get to the stone but Emori stops breathing. Jackson is doing CPR on her as they wheel them into the Anomaly to Sanctum.

Clarke and the others are trying to figure out how to get to Madi. Clarke and Octavia take the last pills to go to Bardo, but they need to be brought in by someone in Bardo. Cadogan refuses to so Clarke gets upset and tells Gaia how if she loses Madi then that is it.

Madi is with Cadogan in the MCAP room, where Levitt is helping find the memories they need. Because they aren't her own memories they are buried deep in her brain, which Levitt never did before. He doesn't want to but Cadogan says it is for all man kind, so they go in deeper. But Madi realizes that everything she saw proves that Cadogan shouldn't open the door to this Judgement Day war.

Levitt starts to feel for Madi even more, so he is sent away. He then tries to help get Clarke and Madi to Bardo, and they meet up and team up with Sheidheda to distract everyone enough to get to Madi again. When they do though Cadogan is gone and Madi is out of it. Levitt says that she suffered a major stroke and is locked in her mind. She can hear and see but she can't move or speak.

Clarke and Octavia decide she needs to be killed then. But Levitt stops them before they shoot her by saying Cadogan got the final code to start the war. So they leave Madi all alone to go stop Cadogan instead.


The 100
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