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Clarke shots a lot of people in Bardo as Cadogan starts the test. He sees his daughter as the one deciding his faith but Clarke kills him while he is taking the test. Then Lexa appears for Clarke to take her test and says she fails for everyone. She runs to be with Madi, and Raven decides to try to take the test herself then.

Meanwhile Emori is dead but then brought back to life but then dies again. Murphy tells Jackson to put her mind drive in him so they can die together in his body.

Raven sees Abby who shows her that the grounders and the Bardo people are preparing for war. Then Sheidheda shoots Levitt who is trying to stop everyone from using their guns on one another, and that starts a war between groups. "Abby" tells Raven that this is why humanity is doomed. But then Octavia tries to stop this by giving a speech and everyone puts their guns down.

Raven says this is proof that people can change so the person doing the test decides to let everyone transcend except Clarke. Clarke ends up alone on Earth with Picasso, until "Lexa" appears to tell her that her friends (except for Madi) decided to come back to live out their days with her. They can't procreate so the group will live out their days and then the human race will end.

The 100
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