Danger is around everyone on The 100 Season 2 Episode 2. Whether located on the Arc, in Mount Weather, in Camp Jaha or with the Grounders, lives are being risked. Who will thrive and who will die?

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Lincoln took Octavia home in order to save her life even though it put his in danger. After Nyko cures Octavia, she takes him hostage and uses him as leverage to get Lincoln back. Her plan works to a certain extent, but out in the open threats are around every tree.

On Mount Weather, Clarke continues to be suspicious of the the President and the others who live there. She injures herself in order to get more information about what's happening there. She finds something she could never have expected.

Kane continues to rule according to the rules from the Ark with no consideration for the different world of the ground. While Finn and Bellamy want to go search for survivors, Kane refuses to allow people to leave the camp until they have it secured. After ruling themselves for so long, it's unlikely they will respect his leadership. First, Abby and Finn take care of Raven. She's in dire condition and has a difficult decision to make. Will she go through the surgery without any pain medications and risk her life? This is Raven after all.

As dangerous as it is on the ground, Jaha livens up when he hears the baby cry. He becomes determined to safe his life and that of the baby. Is he crazy to try to get to the ground?

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Clarke grows very suspicious on The 100 Season 2 Episode 2. She confronts President Dante Wallace and makes it clear that she wants some answers.

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