The 100 Season 2 Episode 2 Review: Inclement Weather

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Devastatingly dark.

There wasn't a single character who wasn't in danger or misled or taking a life-threatening risk during The 100 Season 2 Episode 2. Jasper and Monty believe they're in paradise with their friends, but it's only a matter of time until they find out the true cost of that delicious chocolate cake. 

Jaha started the frightening process of dying from oxygen deprivation only to use his delusions of a baby crying to find a way to live. It was a prime example of the brain's ability to manipulate a situation in order to survive. Jaha's an honorable man who sacrificed himself for the good of his people.

As he was slowly suffocating to death, he never lost that sense of duty or honor. He had to save that innocent baby. If he didn't do anything, they would both die. There was no leap of faith, instead it was do nothing and definitely die or do something and maybe live. As his lungs filled with oxygen the baby disappeared and Jaha received the encouragement he needed from Wells to continue. 

How awesome was it to see Wells again? His death was awful, shocking, yet highly impactful on the future of the original 100. It was great to see that innocence again which has basically been wiped away given the difficulty of survival now. Jaha remembered the son he had and used the young man's faith and courage to save his own life. 

Jaha's arrival on the ground was in stark contrast to Abby and Kane's landing. Jaha landed in the desert in the dark of night and looked up to see the stars. His arrival was darker and more dangerous with less exuberance. His journey will be much different than any of the other Arkers who landed before him. He's alone and presumably far away from the others. Though, that may not be a bad thing....

The remaining members of the original 100 are all in precarious situations and haven't been helped that much by the new arrivals. Kane's leadership has been one of arrogance and utter disregard for the current situation. Okay, sure, he asked Bellamy a few questions about the Grounders, but he never seemed invested in the "kid's" answers or advice.

Kane had a tone of disdain in his voice whenever he was talking to one of the original 100. There wasn't a need to rub the extra bullets they found in the bunker in Bellamy's face. If those bullets were found before the war with the Grounders, the battle would have played out differently and everyone would probably still be together.

I really despise Kane right now. He's reverted to his old ways as if he never learned anything from the happenings on the Arc. They aren't on the Ark with limited resources and free from outside threats any longer. The danger isn't someone taking an extra apple or having a second child, the risk is from outside. That's a change in mentality and understanding that needs to happen quickly or they will all be killed.

Ultimately, Finn, Bellamy and a small group left Camp Jaha armed with Abby's help. Their priority was different than that of Kane's and they will pay a price for their disobedience. The question will be whether or not it's worth it. Will they find their friends? Or is it too late? I'd be interested to see if Bellamy, Clarke or Finn could oust Kane from power if they tried. I'd love to see the look on his face!

The women of The 100 continue to impress. Kudos to the writers for creating and writing such strong amazing female characters. ​There's not a weak one among them. Octavia is a warrior now trained well by Lincoln. She's guided by her love for a man, yet she didn't cower with a broken heart. Instead, she captured a man two to three times her size and used him as leverage to negotiate for Lincoln's freedom.

Did Nyko let her use him? Perhaps. He could have been more forceful in getting away from her, but as Lincoln's friend, I don't think he feared her necessarily either. What mattered is that Indra believed Octavia would kill their only healer. In the end, it didn't work out well for any of them because the Reapers had plans of their own.

Lincoln was taken by the Reapers and Octavia was left with the Grounders. You'll never guess what happens next. The 100 writers have found a way to come up with unique and unexpected takes on what's happening in this world. I've stopped trying to guess what will come next because it's a pointless exercise.

While Octavia was fighting for Lincoln, Clarke was in Mount Weather fighting for the truth. She remained resilient and dedicated to finding out the secret about Mount Weather. Jasper gave a fairly convincing plea to Clarke to not ruin things for them, but she ignored them when clues continued to pile up that something was off in paradise.

Clarke went all in and cut open her injured arm in order to get the truth. It was a repulsive truth. The Grounders feared the Mountain Men for a good reason, they were being taken and their blood was being used to heal those in Mount Weather. Shocking! The radiation sensitive humans steal the Grounders' blood to offset their deficiency and heal. They are blood cannibals in a way. 

The reunion between Clarke and Anya was a jaw-dropping moment. After the premiere, I wondered what happened to the Grounder and would never have guessed she was locked up as live stock. Clarke certainly will help Anya escape, but where will they go? Is there even a way out of Mount Weather. Clarke and Anya are both resourceful, so if anyone could get out, it would be them.

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention Raven and the ordeal she went through. Wow. She's a tough one. She made it through the surgery without any pain medication, so that should mean the recovery will be easy, right? Probably not. I'm not sure Raven will adjust well to any physical limitations. 

As an engineer, she should be able to remain useful and keep busy even if she can't go out and fight. Regardless, it's going to be a tough journey for her whether she can fully recover or not. She's a fighter though, so she'll find a way to fulfill herself. She also has Abby, a surrogate mother, by her side. 

"Inclement Weather" was a non-stop journey of unexpected developments and demonstrated the power of sheer willpower. It doesn't stop. Next week's episode is even better, crazier, darker, and brilliant.

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Inclement Weather Review

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