A Toast - The Affair Season 2 Episode 12
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It's been so long, but the episode starts with Jeffries! Out on the road. Looking for clues. He finds a rock.

Part One: Noah

Noah is picking up Alison at the dock in Montauk where she's getting lobsters. Yum. The restaurant is already up and running. She appears to be living in it. He thinks it's the size of the closet and got them a room at The End tonight. 

He's thinking of going to France. She's not that excited about it. 

She puts on a yellow dress. He thinks she looks beautiful. It's old. Cherry just gave it back to her.

The ceremony starts at 5, but he wants to help her. He's proud of her. The restaurant looks great and thinks it will be a big success.

Margaret shows up at his table and gives him a Xanax. They both take one. Helen appears and Noah asks the same thing I do...what are you doing here? She's her mom's date.

Noah wants Alison to sit down and shows her a video of Joni. She turns away, apologizing. It's been a tough summer, he admits. 

The ceremony starts. It's rather lovely. Alison starts to cry, bawl really. She runs off. Noah finds her and wonders if she's that upset he's getting remarried. No, but he better sit down. 

Alison tells Noah she doesn't know who Joni's father is. It goes over as expected. It ends with Noah telling Alison he never wants to see her again. By the time he gets back to the wedding, Cole and Luisa are having their first dance. He downs a drink and demands keys from Helen. She grabs a bottle of champagne, and they leave for the beach.

Noah admits he ever even wanted Joni. He thought Alison trapped him to ensure he never went back to Helen. She wonders if he ever thought of going back to her. Always. 

Vic got a job offer in LA, but he might be waiting for her to tell him not to. They talk about their shit show of a life and she undresses and jumps into the ocean. Noah follows. Later, it's dark and they're drunk and laughing. Neither of them can drive, but Noah takes the keys and drives.

They drive into the fog and past something that catches Noah's eye. He wonders if Helen sees it, from the way he looks at her. No. It was the boat on the side of the road. He keeps driving. He keeps thinking of Alison and Helen and dialog drones on and on in his head while Helen sings. He finally pulls over. He can't drive. She says she will. I still love you, I still want you, I still need you, the music drones on and Noah takes her hand and they look into each other's eyes and the entire vehicle is rocked. Scotty.

Helen is sure it was a deer, but it's Scotty. Noah runs over to the driver's side of the car and then they're home. He tells her to go inside. He doesn't want her involved. He'll take care of it. She tells him she loves him.

Present day: Gottlief shows Noah a photo of the rock. It has Alison's name on one side and Cole & Luisa on the other. He gave it to the prosecution today. It suggests Alison was there. He had lingering suspicions and couldn't sleep. Gottlief then gives to Noah the DNA test. Noah's not the father. Gottlief is surprised to learn Noah knows. Next up? The video of the altercation of Alison and Scotty. Phone records, etc. His hypothesis? Scotty was blackmailing Alison. Gottlief thinks they can turn the suspicion onto Alison to get him off. Does he have Noah's permission?

Part Two: Alison

The place where Alison is staying above the restaurant is much cuter than when Noah remembered it. Of course.

She wants to stay on at the restaurant more often, pretty much full time. Luisa drops by and Noah leaves because they're arguing.

Luisa is changing into her wedding gown there and getting ready.

Alison and Cole are talking on the beach before the wedding and he's sad about not getting another chance to be a dad. Alison wonders if he loves her, then assures him he's a man who can make a good decision with a good woman despite not having children. Take the chance.

Alison picks up her rock at the restaurant as Scotty comes in. Noah wants to talk to her. Staying out here isn't going to work for him. He wants to settle down and get married, have a family. She's sort of stunned.

She leaves the ceremony, but not totally cut up as she was in Cole's version. She spots Scotty in the restaurant, wipes her tears and says hello. He's happy to have caught her alone. He needs to apologize. His behavior was unacceptable, and he needs to apologize. She forgives him. He says rehab was rough, and he couldn't have gotten through it without the restaurant being a beacon of hope for him in there.

She is noticeably confused. Cole walks up and tries to pacify him with talk about their "arrangement" when he comes out for good, but he's not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Cole walks away and Scotty immediately falls off the wagon. Alison makes the mistake of trying to help him through it, but it doesn't go well.

Scotty decides to sing a song to the couple for their gift since he was in rehab and had no time for shopping. So he sings The House of the Rising Sun. And that's when Alison tells Noah Joni's not his daughter.

Alison is later walking down the fog-lined street and runs into Scotty laying in the rowboat. He wants cut in on her half. Then he'll pretend he never saw her daughter. He wants to fuck her and they physically grapple. Alison pushes him into the road.

Noah did see Alison in the bushes. She admitted to pushing Scotty.

Alison just goes back to the restaurant and acts as if she was there all night. 

Noah goes back to the party and asks her to dance. He took the car to a mechanic and told him he hit a deer. He'll fix it in the morning. Despite her warnings not to cry, he breaks down in her arms.

Present day: Alison wants Noah to tell the truth, but only the truth as it affects Helen, and not her. Bitch.




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The Affair Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

I don't want to lie anymore. We've had so many secrets between us, and I don't want to keep mine anymore.


Alison: I don't know who Joni's father is.
Noah: What? I, I don't understand.
Alison: I, uh, I slept with Cole...right around the time I got pregnant.
Noah: You slept with Cole.