Whitney Acts Out - The Affair
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Part One: Noah

Alison and Noah are making love on the couch. He's worried because she's making a face.There is really not much sexy about watching people make love.

Noah wants to go for a swim afterward, but Alison doesn't want to join him. He realizes she hasn't been once since they moved in and threatens to drag her. She panics, clearly unamused. While he's swimming, Noah recalls an accident, and the person he imagines hitting is not a man, but a woman.

When he gets back to the house, Alison is dressing. They're late. He wants to stay there forever. She wonders what she'd be doing while he's busy writing. She'd be his muse. He wants her to tell him a secret that nobody else knows. She hates beets. Now it's his turn not to be amused. 

In what appears to be a spur of the moment decision, Noah asks Alison to marry him. He even gets down on bended knee. But she says yes. They join their hosts for dinner, where their engagement is celebrated.

Yvonne wants to know how they met and Alison makes up a story about the lighthouse. Noah goes along with it. Later Yvonne chats with Noah about his book and the ending in particular. She offers to read the book and offer her opinion when Alison interrupts. Whitney has appeared unannounced. Bratty as usual.

The timing of her arrival couldn't be worse, as Alison has a ring on her finger. Whitney starts toward Alison, demanding she take the fucking ring off her finger, bitch. Noah grabs her and stops her, as she bursts into tears. Later, Alison tells him she thinks they're making a terrible mistake. It seems easy where they are now, but in the real world, then what?

Noah wonders if something happened while he was gone that she didn't tell him. She wonders if he really wants to know things about her that she hasn't told anyone else. She assures him he doesn't and proceeds to tell him she slept with Oscar a couple months ago. She also tried to walk into the ocean so she would drown. He asks her to trust him. She tells him about Cole's visit. His first reaction is to turn his back on her.

She offers the ring back, offering him a chance to let her go. In turn, he wonders if she's trying to get rid of him. Neither of them are perfect. They could spend the rest of their lives judging each other, but that's not how he wants to live anymore. He wants to start over again. With her. But he wants her to be decent and just tell him if that's not what she wants, because he's not fuckin' around with her.

Whitney doesn't want to go home. Living with mom and grandma is like living with a coven of fucking depressed witches. It's affecting her schoolwork. If she wants to come live with him, then she can't tell Helen about Noah and Alison. He's trying to create a situation in which they can live together, but in order to get there, they cannot reveal his situation with Alison.

Noah meets with Max in the city. Max tells him he's seeing someone and it might be serious, but he doesn't say it's Helen. It's odd hearing Max say he's sorry they didn't stay together when he's clearly not. Max sends Noah $50k. The sooner Noah and Helen get divorced, the happier everyone will be.

Noah knocks on a door. He had an appointment. A man approaches. "This is an action for divorce. He's being served."

Part Two: Alison

At dinner with Yvonne and Robert, Alison turns down the wine she accepted in Noah's. The seating arrangement is also quite different. She bonds for a bit with Robert in the kitchen, when Whitney comes into the house.

Back at the cabin as Noah and Whitney argue, Alison goes through the toy box. Then she checks in with Noah on the deck. He doesn't know what to do. Whitney ubered here from the city. She asks if Noah thinks they're making a mistake. No, he wants her to keep it. Noah continues talking about Whitney, wondering why they ever have to grow up. It's ironic, as she's there holding her son's rock. She asks what's the worst thing he's ever done. This, probably. She just says she's done a lot of things. 

In the morning, Whitney is making eggs, and pours Alison some coffee. Alison offers to be her friend. Whitney asks for Scott Lockhart's number. She loves him. Alison reminds her of the restraining order. Whitney says that's not a real thing. Alison assures her it's real to the police. 

Alison is working for Yvonne who needs to know about Whitney. Yvonne doesn't have envy Alison. 

Alison overhears a phone call. Marilyn, the neighbor, lost all of her chickens. Pete the dog likely did it. The two argue in front of her, and Alison has no idea what to do. Then Yvonne asks that she accompany Robert to execute his dog. 

Alison tells Robert she's hesitant to remarry because the thought of doing it again with someone who didn't know Gabriel is awkward. Robert asks Alison how Gabriel died, and she recounts the story, including the guilt she carries with her. She admits Noah only knows some of the story. She's still carrying what she got out of the toy box, a stone that Gabriel used to carry with him that he would rub to make everything alright.

Alison tells Robert how she thought she would be able to go somewhere else and make all of the pain go away, but it just doesn't work that way. Still, she loves him very much. But not being fully understood does not mean you are loved any less. They hear Pete and go off to kill him. Of course, Robert can't do it. Thank God.

Yvonne thinks Alison is a little odd when she tells her Robert killing Pete was sort of beautiful.

That night, Alison jumps into the pool. Noah comes home as she's in the water. He joins her. While they're making love in the pool, she notices someone going to the front door of the big house and it captures her full attention.

Jon Gottlief wants to get the trial out of Montauk because there will be a trial. It's time to talk about that night. Noah claims they had a fight after drinking too much and when he drove off, he hit a deer. Gottlief wonders if Scotty might have been riding the deer at the time. Um...no. Then why bribe the mechanic? Because it all coincided with timing of Scotty's death. Noah assumed that if his car was trashed, he'd be named as a potential suspect. It was idiotic to cover it up and probably looks worse in the long run, but it's what he did. 

The Affair
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The Affair Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Noah: There's nothing you can tell me that would make me give up on you. I know you don't trust a lot of people. Trust me.
Alison: Cole came to visit.

Noah: What would you say if I asked you to marry me?
Alison: It would depend on the ring.
Noah: [presents her with a ring] Would that be OK?