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Part One: Alison

Alison wakes up alone in bed, feeling for Noah. She calls Noah and asks if she's staying at the cabin, whether he's coming back. She has no idea. Then she runs up to the big house. 

When she arrives, Yvonne is reading Noah's book. Yvonne is short, perturbed about what Alison is wearing. She then gives out items to do for the day. 

When Alison asks about Robert's exercises, Yvonne gets even shorter, but not as short as she gets when Alison dares ask about Noah's book.

When she's talking to Robert during the exercises, she asks if Yvonne is mad at her and then more questions about Noah's book. She also learns that Robert and Yvonne had an affair and that's how they got together. He also admits he knows there is more to her and Noah than a lighthouse and the rain. She tells him everything. 

While she's telling him the story of her and Noah, Robert gets a hard on. He tells her they're done with exercises, and she looks down, and there it is. "I guess you just have this effect on men." 

On her way to town on her bike, Alison tries riding without holding the handlebars. The dinner with Yvonne and Robert's family goes poorly. Yvonne doesn't take well to anything Alison is doing. Afterward, Robert comes down to the cabin. There is a new young man who would make a better assistant. A writer. And, oh by the way, Hugo is coming back up to the house, so don't bother coming up to the house. Yvonne wants someone a little more professional.

Before he walks outside the door, Robert says, "You were never meant to be someone's assistant, kid."

Alison can't leave it alone. She goes to find Yvonne, instead finding Noah's book on Yvonne's desk. Alison starts skimming through it. She realizes it's autobiographical. It's practically porn, but she's the star. She goes back to the cabin, packs some clothes, looks deeply at herself in the mirror for the sex the pure sex that Noah considers her. She cries.

In the city, she goes straight to Helen's. She apologizes. She didn't mean to steal her husband. She's not that kind of person. She swears. Helen's response is that when Noah feels save enough to let you see who he really is, he'll take all of his fears and petty bullshit her fault, just because you know who he is. And then someday somebody is going to show up on her door thinking they fell in love with the greatest guy on earth.

On the train, Alison takes off her ring. She's in Montauk. 

Part Two: Cole

Cole is at someone's house. Louisa answers the door. Someone calls from upstairs. It's the blonde from the cab who gave her card. She's naked. She wants it quick and quiet. She calls him Ranch Hand. She wants to scream about telling everyone about the rides she gets from the ranch hand. She asks him to come on her face, and while he's preparing that special treat, her husband comes in and punches him in the face. 

When Cole wakes up in his trailer, some real estate agents are looking over the house because Scotty wants to get a price on it. 

Cole pays Scotty a visit. Scotty wants to sell the house so they can scoop up the land Oscar had as he's losing it. Scotty wants an investor to help with starting a nightclub. Montauk is over, man. If they don't think bout the future, they might as well lay down in the middle of the road and let the summer people drive all over them. Who was Scotty screwing? Louisa. 

Scotty asks Cole not to fuck Louisa. Of course, she needs a cab, which Cole just so happens to drive. She works at The End. Cole learns from Louisa that Scotty is a manager at The End. She mentions she's an illegal so she can't sue Scotty or she would. He notes it's actually legal to sue US citizens in federal court. Then the ride is on him. 

Instead of leaving, Cole decides to go to the bar for a drink. And eat. He appears to spend the entire day and night there. They get to know each other better.

When Cole gets home, the lights are on in the house. He enters with a baseball bat. Alison is sleeping in the bedroom. They talk. She feels alone, invisible, as if she doesn't matter. She does to him. He wants her to sleep. She wants him to stay. They make love.

Scotty shows up and fights Cole because Cole is a piece of shit for fucking Louisa. Then Alison comes to the door. Scotty backs away.

The attorney wonders why Jeffries zeroed in on Noah as his prime suspect and not Cole, who stole his business plan right out from under his nose. And more than half the people in the town wanted Scott Lockhart dead. Oscar serves the attorney coffee. Asks if Noah will get off and then lays something on the table.


The Affair
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The Affair Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

I always suspected there was something a little more to the story about the lighthouse and the rain. Like spouses.


Don't let anybody fool you into getting old. They wax on and on about it being really satisfying. You know what's really satisfying? Cartilage.