Thanksgiving Dinner - The Affair
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Part One: Alison

It's the Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York city. Alison is very pregnant. A man tells her to tell Noah that it's supposed to be his party. People are talking about Noah's book. He got a rave in the Times. It's a masterpiece, that Alison has not read. 

Noah has a very good looking publicist named Eden. Alison's feet are swollen. She wore heels. In the first printing, Noah's book had his original bio, showing that he lives in Brooklyn with his wife and four children. It's being corrected in the second printing. A woman asks if he's even divorced. Alison says almost. I was under the impression he already was.

Eden tells Alison that Cynthia was a gossip columnist with Page Six and not to talk to anyone else without clearing it with her first. Alison asks the kitchen help if she read Descent. Nope.

Meanwhile, Noah's flight tomorrow is canceled. He has to fly out tonight instead. Alison says they have to leave. They have a lot of people coming up. He promises he'll be right behind her and he'll pick up the turkey. Back at the apartment, Athena is in the lobby. Upstairs, she just wonders how much it costs. 

Whitney has never been there. 

Athena wants to see the nursery. Alison shows her an office. They have made no plans to receive a baby.

Athena takes out a cookbook. Alison thought she would forget. It must be very special. Athena cannot believe they ordered a cooked turkey. It's a damn good thing they did, because they are really behind the eight ball.

Athena wonders how they can afford the place they're living. She's also surprised to learn that Alison is paying for a part of it. She confirms it. Athena says her grandparents' house is the only thing she had in the world with any value. No, she has Noah. He has value for her. Alison always thought her grandmother bypassed Athena to give her house to her, but Athena asked her mother to bypass her to make sure she could provide for Alison, because she knew she couldn't do it herself.

Athena asks that Alison promise to read the book before she makes any decisions. The house is in escrow. It's too late. It's done. 

Jane arrives. It's Alison's idea to set her up with a sugar daddy, who we have to assume is Max. How is Alison feeling about all this? Really well, she thinks. She doesn't admit that she's been back to Montauk since she left. Noah, mind you, hasn't shown up. He's not answering his phone.

Jane and Max are already making out. 

Athena decides to listen to Alison's belly. When it's her turn, Alison doesn't hear anything, beginning to panic. Then she does. 

Noah arrives home with Eden and no turkey. They're acting like lovers. He is barely interested in hearing the baby's heartbeat. 

Get's me every time is all he has to say. He's a pig.

Whitney is lost, further ruining Thanksgiving.

Eden is texting at the table. They start dinner without Noah. Alison says they prepared everything from her grandmother's cookbook, first published in 1927. When Noah gets back to the table, Eden begins talking about business then accepts toasts and Eden's suggestion that he align himself with the book.

She read the book. Every sordid word of it. Just like he remembered it all through season 1. Except that he killed her. 

Noah then goes on to lie to Alison. Harry made him change the ending. He wouldn't accept the book unless he changed it. Does he even want the baby? Of course he does. Lies. It's all lies. I don't believe him for a second.

Future. And you told Jeffries that you left the wedding before Scotty. They were in good with each other, but he wasn't happy about what happened with the Lobster Roll, but that was between him and Cole. Will she have to testify?

Part Two: Cole

Cole and Luisa are having sex. Cole has a lot of sex. He stops having sex. She wonders what's going on. He goes outside.

She asks him if he wants to go to Queens with her tonight. He has plans, to see his mom. She wonders if he wants to talk about what happened in there. What exactly? That she said I love you and he lost his erection. 

At the grocery store, Scotty calls and Cole doesn't answer. Scotty, however, is right behind him. He heard that Alison sold the house. He shows Cole his new tattoo. Lockharts. The new name of their nightclub. Cole says he's going to Luisa's in the city instead of their family Thanksgiving. Scotty says she's using Cole for her greencard.

Oscar walks in. Hello rockstars! They haven't read Noah's book, but he informs them they are featured in some detail. Drugs, moonshine, the whole shebang.

At home, Luisa has moved Cole's photo of him and Gabriel. She thinks it's a beautiful picture. Cole accuses Luisa of stealing his money clip. He's doing it on purpose. To make her go away.

For Thanksgiving, Cole is going to read Descent. 

Cole takes flowers and moonshine and goes to the family Thanksgiving. Mary Kate lost her baby a month ago. When they give Cole shit for not attending, Scotty reminds them of the day. Scotty gets a text during the prayer and actually takes it. 

They get ready to give their moonshine toast. Mom doesn't want to do it. Cole has brought the book and decides to read passages of it at the table. For everyone who thinks fiction is just fiction, it hurts. Just ask the Reinhardts.

When Noah tells the story about his grandfather starting the feud with the Hodges, Cole learns the story is true. Silas was a baby killer. It's not fiction at all. The names were changed, yes. But the story was true. 

Mom just told Scotty about the family history because she's so worried about Cole. She said there will never be another Lockhart because they are cursed. That's why he lost Gabriel, why Whitney aborted Scotty's baby and why Mary Kate lost her baby. The last time she saw a man as bad off as Cole, he hung himself.

Outside, Whitney drives up. It was her looking for drugs. Scotty won't stay because he doesn't want to go to prison.

Sleepy Cole gives Whitney a ride back into the city. Whitney wonders if he remembers the time he tried to kill her. He says he was pointing the gun at her father and he's sorry she had to see that. She really cares about Scotty and is sure he cares about her, too. Cole assures her he doesn't. 

Whitney noticed she wasn't in the book. Cole thinks it was Noah's way of protecting her. Whitney says maybe she's just not as important to him as she thought she was. Cole's dad hung himself on his tenth birthday. He thought it was because he didn't give a shit about him. Now he knows it's because he was just drowning. He drops her off at Noah's.

Cole goes to Luisa's and apologizes. He did it on purpose to get her out of his house. He can't promise he'll be the best thing she ever had, but he will never hurt her like that again and he is good for his word.

Cole's going to have the best thanksgiving.

Gottleif is watching the video on the flash drive. Scotty and Alison are arguing on the porch of Lockhart's Lobster Roll, she's pulling away. Oscar was smoking nearby. He knows exactly what Scotty said. "That's Our Baby." What the fuck?!

The Affair
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The Affair Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Alison: You said the book was fiction.
Noah: Of course it is, but it's based on true events.

Alison: Noah is using this space as an office. Just until the baby comes.
Athena: Ah. Just until the baby comes. You are aware that it's customary to prepare a space for the baby before the baby arrives, right?
Alison: Yes, I'm well aware.