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Gottlief keeps looking at the video of Alison and Scotty. He also has phone records from Scotty to Alison. Three one month and 14 leading up to his death. He's riding on the baby being Scotty's. At the wedding, he could have thought she would leave Noah for him and Alison got angry, driving home, tipsy, sees Scotty on the side of the street and one slip of the wheel and he's dead. Where's Noah? They don't need to establish that.

Part One: Helen

Helen and Whitney are on a college tour. Whitney is trying to get mom to meet one of the dads. 

Kindly, Whitney creates a Tinder profile for Helen since she has five good years left, maybe six, so she needs to maximize them. Whitney doesn't want to go to college. She wants to be a model. Christy Turlington's photographer found her and wants to shoot her. 

Eden and Noah are in the same town as Whitney and Helen. Whitney, who one second ago hated the idea of going to college, meets Christy of Sage Dorm and is off and running.

In the present: Helen is asking Gottlief about alternative suspects. Why hasn't he shared his theory with Noah? The trial is in two weeks? What the hell?!

Helen decides to go to Noah's reading. She cannot believe how crazy it is. There are people everywhere. She watches him. The part of the book he's reading is about Helen. In the question and answer section, someone asks if he believes in love, and he talks about faith and trust, and leaning into one another. Both have to be leaning into one another and have faith in one another. If one person cheats and and disappears, the other is falling through the air. That's why the word unfaithful is used. He uses the same premise when it comes to God.

After the reading Helen and Noah go walking and then out to their owl restaurant. It's where she had her 21st birthday. Helen hasn't seen her mother since she told her to get out. Helen's really proud of Noah and what happened at the bookstore. He says he's the flavor of the week. She tells him not to dismiss it. 

Then Helen announces the exciting news about Whitney being a model. Helen says she's not going to be a model and they both know it. Helen thinks Whitney has to go to school. Noah thinks she needs to take time off to ensure she doesn't have a midlife crisis at 45.

Noah reminds Helen who she once was. Wild and free. The person she wasn't because of her parents.

She apologizes to Noah for not believing in him and hoping he would give up on writing and be happy with the family. She's proud of him. She walks back to her hotel with tears in her eyes.

In the present she and Noah are watching Martin at a wrestling match. Can he tell her everything will be alright? He's cautiously optimistic. Something makes her take the pacifier and put it into her bag. She's getting a paternity test.

Part Two: Noah.

Noah's running. Eden sent him an email with decent reviews of Descent. The girl next to him at the gym gets onto the treadmill holding his book.

He's skyping with Alison, reading her a review from The New Yorker. He sarcastically says it's from a little publication called The New Yorker and she says, "even I know of that." She has really big news...and she shows him his office, which has been changed into a nursery.

He cannot wait to get off the phone. 

When he gets to the lobby and, someone is reading Kite Runner and he sees a review of Descent in the local paper, it says Descent: Porn by Another Name by Earnest Shiftbaum. It's only a student paper.Eden wonders if he wants 100% adulation. Then they see the response at the book store. 

Before he got there, he had no idea what he was going to read. Eden suggested a shower scene. That's what Eden suggested he read. He only say Helen after he began reading and shifted his decision on what to read. The crowd wasn't as abundant as it was in Helen's memory, and the questions were amateur and combative. 

He and Helen still go to their restaurant, but they get a pitcher and shots. Eden keeps calling and Helen laughs, making him drink every time she texts. They laugh their asses off, especially when Noah can't see his phone to turn it off. They argue a bit. She worries he's turning into a dick, becoming like her dad. She doesn't want him to be that man. He walks her out and she gets into a cab and leaves, after he calls her helly belly.

Then Noah goes into the bar again to confront Earnest Shitbaum. Noah is very drunk. Noah takes a swing at the kid and winds up on the floor. It's being recorded, of course. 

Back in his room, Noah drinks some more. Eden is at the door. She's already spinning his fight. He's a bad boy of the literary world. Drunk Noah seduces Eden who falls easily into her arms. But she doesn't mix business with this kind of pleasure. Good girl.

Present: Helen goes to Gottlief. He asks if she's alright. She's not sure. She takes out the pacifier. He promises he will not use it unless he absolutely has to.

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The Affair Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Well guess what mom, I'm not you. I'm not you. I'm not going to live off my parents for the rest of my fucking life.


Look, I don't want to spend four years training to spend my life in a cubicle and then spend my life in a cubicle.