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Helen and Vic go to have dinner with her dad and his new girlfriend, who turns out to be her mother.

Helen has never talked about Vic to her parents, but they love him.

In fact, Dad Wonders why he had never bothered stabbing Noah sooner to to save all of them heartache.

The talk about second chances and knowing each other more than anybody else seemed less motivational than it was supposed to under the circumstances.

Then Vic 'jokes' about having a double wedding. It freaks Helen out.

Helen's meeting with Martin's school takes place without Noah. Martin is 19, already in his second year, and not going to school. It's his last chance.

Martin is an angry young man, and not interested in seeing his murderer father.

Helen drives over to see Noah's sister. Sis wonders why Helen still cares so much about him. Nina thinks the whole family should just let him go. He's fucked up and always has been.

Nina says Noah was so shattered when he met Helen he used her to get away from the family. Helen says something happened to the family and that's why they never spent time together. Nina wants to tell Helen what happened, but instead asks Helen about the accident. Helen bolts.

Helen goes to see Max and learns he's getting married.

The day before would have been Helen and Noah's 25th anniversary.

Helen comes onto Max and they cheat. She's a mess.

Max cannot believe he fell for Helen again, thinking maybe it was about him, them, when it was only about Noah...again.. He kicks her out.

When she gets home, Helen takes out all her anger on Vic. Martin isn't home, so Helen goes nuts. She's terrible to him.

Helen finds out Martin was with Noah at the lake house. She gets up in the middle of the night and goes to the house.

When she gets inside, she sees blood all over the bathroom vanity. She hears Noah outside. He's in the lake, thrashing about, alone and wild-eyed.

Part Two: Noah

Noah is having the wrecked car delivered to Juliet.

She asks him to tie her up. He doesn't and she leaves the room.

He takes a bus to the summer house the next day, taking off his wedding ring on the trip.

Noah goes about cleaning the house. Runs into an old friend, Grant, when he goes into town for more garbage bags.

He's clutching a baseball bat when Martin arrives, who came to be alone. Grandpa said he could come anytime he wanted to be alone.

Martin wants to join the army. He wants to be like grandpa. Noah downs a couple pills.

The visit with friends doesn't go as well as things could have gone, because Stevie invites himself over. Big, burned dude.

Grant thinks people should give Noah credit for getting out.

Noah eventually asks them about Gunther, but starts seeing things and leaves.

Martin finds him passed out at home.

Noah is a full on opiod addict. It's because of people like him the rest of us can't get prescriptions any longer.

After slapping the bottle of pills out of Martin's hands, Noah confessed to Martin what he did to his mother.

In the morning, he's happy to see Martin is gone, most likely to school. 

Noah takes a trip down to the lake and sees a figure walking into the lake. Martin! He runs in after him. When the figure turns around, it's Noah as a teenager.

The Affair
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The Affair Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Helen: I guess I'm not the love of your life anymore.
Max: What?
Helen: Will you kiss me?

Juliet: I want you to tie me up.
Noah: What?
Juliet: You wrote about it in your book. I've never done anything like that. I think I'd enjoy it.