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Moore rushes into the pool, fearing the victim is his friend Joseph, but he instead finds Maxie's mutilated body. Moore admits his feelings to Sara, and they kiss. Kreizler and Sara open up to each other. HIs father created Kreizler's disabled arm by breaking it in a rage. Sara admits that she helped her beloved father kill himself. Kreizler agrees to return to the investigation. He goes to the pool, and determines that Joseph had interrupted Beecham and was taken. Kreizler visits Beecham's room and tries to get inside the killer's mind. Sara and Moore recruit Roosevelt to help in their plan to catch Beecham. Kreizler sets up a ruse of he and Moore going to the opera on the night Beecham is expected to strike next, the day of the Feast of John the Baptist. Ex-Chief Byrnes has his eyes fixed on Kreizler in his box at the opera. Police and the other team members are staking out High Bridge Tower and the Brooklyn Bridge. At a climax of the opera, when Byrnes is distracted, Kriezler and Moore slip out. But Connor is still tailing them. Kreizler has misdirected everyone else. He and Moore head to the Croton Reservoir. They hear Joseph's screams and chase after him. Beecham drops Joseph, then knocks out Kreizler and Moore. Sara has figured out the actual target. Connor catches up and shoots Beecham. Connor starts to choke Sara, but she shoots him with her derringer. Kreizler chases after Beecham, but Beecham dies before Kriezler can find out why he killed. No one feels much like celebrating afterward. Roosevelt honors Connor to keep peace in his department. Kreizler gives John the ring he had planned to give to Mary, to give to his beloved. Kreizler visits his institutionalized father and forgives him. 

The Alienist
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The Alienist Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Sara: You're not to blame, John.
Moore: Of course I am. God put him in my way, and I failed him like everyone else.

Sara: The last thing an honest politician can expect is gratitude, if I can quote you. We know his name, we know where he lives. We're close, sir.
Roosevelt: Not close enough.