Moore [to Kreizler]: Please tell me you didn't come here just to frighten my grandmother.
Grandmother Moore: I'm not the least bit frightened by these psychopaths.

Kreizler: In every way, a perfectly normal and healthy brain.
Moore: What does that prove? That he wasn't insane?
Kreizler: It proves we don't know anything. God works between the lines.

Turn me down, by all means. But don't pretend I have no feelings for you.

Moore [to Sara]

I ain't asking for your charity. I'm just asking that you don't cross the street every time you see me.

Esther [to Marcus]

I could take your eyes, but I want you to see.

Beecham [to Kreizler]

Sara: I shot Captain Connor, sir.
Roosevelt: You've always had the courage to do what needs to be done. Your father would be proud of you.

Sara: The last thing an honest politician can expect is gratitude, if I can quote you. We know his name, we know where he lives. We're close, sir.
Roosevelt: Not close enough.

Sara: You're not to blame, John.
Moore: Of course I am. God put him in my way, and I failed him like everyone else.

I've made my life's work the study of the human mind. And now my own mind deceives me. I have cause to hate God for what he did to her, and yet I find myself believing in him, humbled by his awful mystery.

Kreizler [to Sara]

Sara: I've learned from you. We can either let it haunt us for the rest of our lives, or we can accept it, and use the memory of our pain to help others.
Kreizler: I'm not sure the choice is ever entirely in our hands.
Sara: I disagree. If it weren't, we'd all be murderers.

If I still drank, old man, I'd rather drink alone than with you.

Moore [to Astor]

Roosevelt: What matters is you stopped a monster.
Kreizler: We set out to stop a monster, but all we found was a wounded child.

The Alienist Quotes

Moore: I'm not a reporter. I'm an illustrator.
Conner: Then that's two good reasons for you not to be going up there.

John: What can't possibly wait, Stevie?
Stevie: He said he needs you.