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Though the teams finished the fourth leg of The Amazing Race at the Indra Club in Hamburg, Germany, they would not start there.   To their surprise, they were whisked off on a bus – the traveling pit stop – to an unknown destination.  The teams would depart the next morning from Les Monthairons, France, but none of them would know it upon leaving the mat.

Unsure of where they were, Louie and Michael departed the pit stop first, headed for Saint Menehould, France.  Once there, they had to find Boulangerie Defontaine, a local bakery, and purchase a fresh baguette.  Initially confused by receiving just a baguette, but not a clue, Louis and Michael inadvertently broke the bread in half, revealing the clue inside.  They were directed to their next stop, La Main de Massiges.

Once they arrived in La Main de Massiges, Louie and Michael encountered the detour for this leg of the race.  The choice for this detour was In the Trenches or Under Fire.  For In the Trenches, the teams had to find a communication station along a line of trenches built mimicking the World War II battles that took place there.  With a World War II reenactment going on around them, teams had to decipher a Morse code message to receive their next clue.

For Under Fire, teams had to crawl across a barbed wire covered field where the World War II reenactment was taking place.  With guns firing, bombs exploding and planes flying over head, teams had to obtain a message from a French soldier on the other side of the field and deliver back to a carrier pigeon back where they started.

By the time Louie and Michael had completed Under Fire, Steve and Allie and Joe and Heidi had arrived.  Louie and Michael were directed to their next clue box and the first Blind U-Turn on the race.  With an opportunity to U-Turn a team without having to identify themselves, Louie and Michael decided to knock the seemingly arrogant pair of Joe and Heidi down a peg by U-Turning them.

Steve and Allie edged out Joe and Heidi to the Blind U-Turn where the bad news was delivered.  Knowing that Steve and Allie did not U-Turn them, the blind aspect was lost as Louie and Michael were the only team that could have possibly done this.  Confused as to how they had angered Louie and Michael, Joe and Heidi headed back to the detour to complete the other portion as the U-Turn requires them to do.

Ahead of the ire of other teams, Louie and Michael simply had to ride a 1903 style bike in era-appropriate attire four miles to the pit stop.   With no one close to catching them, Louie and Michael easily captured their second straight leg.  Similarly, without Joe and Heidi on their heels, Steve and Allie finished second for the third straight leg.

Back at the detour, Jet and Cord, Dan and Jordan and Carol and Brandi all took advantage of Joe and Heidi being U-Turned and passed the parents, completed the bike ride and completed the leg.  Joe and Heidi, meanwhile, struggled with the Morse code decryption which allowed Brent and Caite and Jordan and Jeff to catch up.

Though Jordan and Jeff did not arrive at the detour too far behind Brent and Caite, because they finished last in a non-elimination leg last week, they had to complete a Speed Bump before proceeding.  Jordan and Jeff easily helped fortify a section of trench with large branches and were able to move on to the detour while Joe and Heidi were still working.

Both Brent and Caite and Jordan and Jeff choose Under Fire and passed Joe and Heidi.  Ultimately unable to complete the In the Trenches portion of the detour, they were informed by host Phil Keoghan that all of the other teams had checked in and they were eliminated.


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