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Teams departed the eighth leg of The Amazing Race from The Seychelles islands off the eastern coast of Africa and headed for the island of Penang, Malaysia.  Although the teams left the Pit Stop at different times, the earliest ferry to an airport was at 2am and all six remaining teams boarded the same ferry.  In turn, all six teams were on the same flight to Malaysia.

Once in Malaysia, teams were instructed to find the Snake Temples where they would encounter the Detour for this leg of the race.  The choices were Buddhist Tradition or Chinese Custom.  For Buddhist Tradition, teams had to make their way to a temple and carry ten large candles up fifteen flights of stairs, arrange the candles in a specific order and light them to complete the Detour.  In Chinese Custom, teams had to balance a 32 foot long pole with a flag attached to it on their forehead and cross a 120 yard field to get their next clue.

The first five teams to the Detour chose Buddhist Tradition.  Despite arriving second to the clue box, Brent and Caite have difficulty finding a cab to make their way to the temple.  Only Jet and Cord, who arrived last, trail Brent and Caite as they too had difficulty finding a cab.

Fortunately for Jet and Cord, they decided to go a different direction from the rest of the teams and choose Chinese Custom.  Cord easily mastered balancing the pole and made it across the field on his first try.  Jet was not far behind, taking only two tries as the Oklahoma cowboys went from last to first in completing the challenge.

The cab difficulty seemed to benefit Brent and Caite as well.  Despite leaving the clue box in 5th place, they managed to avoid traffic problems three teams ahead of them experienced and made it to the Buddhist Tradition detour option first.  Carol and Brandi also avoided the traffic and arrived just after Brent and Caite.

Dan and Jordan, Steve and Allie and Louie and Michael were not as lucky and ran into lots of traffic on their way to the detour.  Frustrated with sitting in traffic, Steve and Allie decided to try and make it to the temple on foot.   With the teams packed together in traffic, Dan and Jordan saw Steve and Allie running and decided to join them.  However, Louie and Michael made the smartest decision, stayed in their cab, and ultimately beat the two teams on foot to the challenge.

Now on foot and without a cab, Dan and Jordan and Steve and Allie thought they arrived at the correct place for the detour, but were dismayed when they found out they were wrong.  Jumping back into cabs, Dan and Jordan headed for the temple, but Steve and Allie decided to switch detour challenges and go to the Chinese Custom option.

Well ahead of the pack, Jet and Cord raced to the Roadblock, but ran into a Speed Bump first, a penalty they needed to complete for finishing last the previous leg.  The cowboys had to make their way to a garden and correctly identify which tea was produced from some crushed herbs.  After two tries Jet and Cord completed the Speed Bump and made it back to the Roadblock for any other teams arrived.

The roadblock, located at Teluk Behang temple, had teams open coconuts by smashing them on the ground until they discovered one with a colored dye in it.  Once they found the correct coconut, the teams had to build a traditional Hindu offering and set it out to sea to receive their next clue.  Well in front, Jet easily completed the roadblock and found the Pit Stop in first place.

Back at the Buddhist Tradition detour challenge, Brent and Caite, Carol and Brandi and Louie and Michael completed the exhausting challenge in the order they arrived.  Dan and Jordan arrived well behind the other three teams, but were ahead of Steve and Allie who decided to back to Buddhist Tradition after a failed attempt at Chinese Custom.

Although Brent and Caite left the detour in second, more cab problems had them slip to fourth at the roadblock.  Carol and Brandi and Louie and Michael took advantage of their misfortune, completed the roadblock and finished second and third, respectively.  Despite the cab difficulty, Caite was able to finish the roadblock before the other two teams arrived and completed the leg fourth.

Steve and Allie’s flip-flopping on detour challenges put them well behind Dan and Jordan and they were never able to make up the deficit.  A difficult leg put the brothers in fifth place, but just ahead of being eliminated in sixth, as Steve and Allie were.

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The Amazing Race Season 16 Episode 8 Quotes

Right now, we're tied for sixth, but we're also tied for first and that's better than being in sixth all alone.


My dream is to win The Amazing Race.

Jordan (Pious)