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The six remaining teams finally got their wish at the start of the leg when they discovered they were leaving India and heading to Vienna, Austria.  Five teams selected a flight combination that involved two connections, but arrived in Vienna 35 minutes ahead of the combination that had just one connection.  The cowboys, jaded by delayed flights and tight connections, opted for the safer, slightly slower route.  To their dismay, the five teams with the multiple connections encountered no delays.

Upon arriving in Vienna, the teams made their way to the parking lot where they had to drive backwards using a rear viewing camera to discover their next destination, Schloss Schallaburg, a castle in the countryside.  The first four teams had no trouble with the rear view camera, but Gary and Mallory lost precious time trying to figure out how to get the technology to work.

After arriving at Schloss Schallaburg, the teams had to search the grounds to find a young woman who handed them a large book with the location of the Austrian National Library stamped on to the first page.  The teams raced back in to Vienna to the National Library and gave the book to a librarian to receive their next clue.  The next destination was the Detour: Long Hard Walk or Quick and Easy Meal.

For Long Hard Walk, the teams had to take a couch from Sigmund Freud’s office to the University of Vienna, where Freud studied.  In Quick and Easy Meal, the teams had to finish a large plate of traditional Austrian food while riding in a dining car Ferris wheel.  The food had to be completely eaten during the time it takes to make one complete turn of the Ferris while, a total of twelve minutes.

Zev and Justin, Kisha and Jen and Gary and Mallory arrived at the Detour first, second and third, respectively, and all three initially choose the Quick and Easy Meal Detour option.  However, after each pair made one attempt at the challenge, they realized they would not be able to finish the meal and had to switch to Long Walk.  This allowed Flight Time and Big Easy and Kent and Vyxsin to jump to first and second place, while the Cowboys got out of last and passed Gary and Mallory.

Once the Detour was complete the teams were instructed to drive to Salzburg for the Roadblock.  What should have been a simple drive became very challenging for Kent and Vyxsin and Kisha and Jen who allowed Flight Time and Big Easy to get away from them and for Zev and Justin slide in to second place.  Jet and Cord, meanwhile, had erased their 30 minute deficit and caught the lost teams.

The Roadblock had the selected team member playing the role of a chimney sweep and completing three successful sweeps of a chimney before moving on.  Though interesting and culturally relevant, the Detour did not provide the challenge that Gary and Mallory were hoping for to get back in the race.  For Zev and Justin, however, Flight Time and Big Easy slipped up on their way to the Pit Stop allowing the best friends to surprisingly finish first.  Gary and Mallory finished last, but were relieved to learn that it was a non-elimination leg and they’d have another chance to race.

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The Amazing Race Season 18 Episode 8 Quotes

Flight Time: We are very excited to be getting out of India.
Big Easy: So we've got to hear the Schwartzenagger voice the whole time?
Flight Time: I'll be back, but not to India, hopefully.

I like Austria. That's where the terminator is from.

Big Easy