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The seven remaining teams were hoping to get out of India, but were disappointed to learn that their next destination city was Varanasi, India.  Six of the remaining seven teams found a flight that connected through Delhi and arrived at 10:45am.  Jet and Cord, however, didn’t find this flight and instead were scheduled to arrive at 11:45am.  The cowboys did not realize their mistake until it was too late and were an hour behind the other teams.

Upon arriving in Varanasi, the teams embarked on a taxi cab race to a Tonga Stand where they’d encounter the Roadblock.  The selected team member was given seven photos of holy men called sadhu and had to find each of them in the crowded market.  Six of the sadhu would give them a section of a phrase and once they had all six portions they had to find the seven sadhus and arrange the pieces to form the secret of life.  Once the phrase was correctly assembled, the last sadhu would provide the next clue.

Despite arriving in third, Jen was able to cruise through the roadblock and leave in first place.  Working together Justin and Big Easy finished shortly behind Jen in second and third place, respectively.  Similarly, Kent and Gary were supposed to be working together, but once Kent had all six clues, he ditched Gary to come in fourth.  Gary wasn’t far behind, but Mallory was annoyed by Kent’s actions.

Ron, meanwhile, struggled mightily with the task and had not found a single sadhu before Jet and Cord managed to catch up.  Despite the one hour delay, the cowboys arrived at the Roadblock before Kent and Gary left and Cord finished before Ron.  Having erased their deficit, Jet and Cord left the Roadblock ahead of Ron and Christina.

After the Roadblock, the teams were sent to Swaminath Akhara, a wrestling and strength conditioning club, and encountered the Detour.  The first option, Feed the Fire, involved traveling down the Ganges River on a boat to a rural house where the teams would help assemble 50 traditional fuel patties of buffalo manure.  The other option, Feed the Buffalo, had the teams take a boat across the Ganges to pick up two bails of grass and ride back to the other side to deliver the bails to a specified address.

Though the Feed the Buffalo option seemed to be faster than Feed the Fire, the way the teams decided to pick each option proved not to change the standings at all.  However, after completing the Feed the Fire option Kent and Vyxsin struggled acquiring transportation to the Pit Stop, Ramnagar Fort.  Their struggles allowed Jet and Cord to pass them for a surprising fifth place finish, but was not enough time for Ron and Christina to catch up and avoid elimination.

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The Amazing Race Season 18 Episode 7 Quotes

Justin: Sounds like more India.
Zev: Oh gosh...

Leaving in first place for the first time ever.