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The start of the third leg of The Amazing Race keeps the teams in Indonesia and has them experience a part of Indonesia’s Dutch history.  To start the leg the teams must don traditional garb and join a local bike patrol to ride through town.  This would seem to be simple, but Ernie’s wheel comes off during the ride and the pair slips from 3rd to 8th place, just ahead of Amani and Marcus.

After riding with the bike patrol the teams are sent to Salakmalange village for a Detour.  Their options are to deliver food to rice workers and then plant 300 rice seedlings or to fill two bails with grass and bring the grass and two sheep to a barn to feed and water the animals.  Most teams complete the challenge easily with the exception of Amani and Marcus who switch from the sheep to the rice despite being in last place.

The leg truly began after the Detour when teams made their way to Boroburdur temple.  The spectacular Buddhist temple became the background for one of the more difficult challenges in The Amazing Race history.  The selected team member had to individually count the number of Buddhas in four different poses.  If they were able to provide the number of Buddhas in each pose correctly, they’d receive their next clue.

Tommy and Laurence were the members of the first two teams present and worked together to solve the difficult challenge.  The cooperation built a significant lead over the trailing teams who were struggling with completing the challenge correctly, more or less counting correctly.  

Trailing the rest of the pack significantly Amani and Marcus got a huge boost when they ran in to Andy and Tommy on their way out of the Roadblock.  Andy and Tommy not only directed the pair on how to complete the challenge, but gave them the answers.  However, Marcus was selected to do the challenge and wasn’t paying nearly as much attention as Amani.

Meanwhile four of the remaining teams worked together with one member from each team counting one Buddha praying position.  Their teamwork allowed them to complete the challenge in fourth through seventh leaving Bill as the only person to complete the challenge entirely on his own.

Despite finishing before Marcus and Lisa, the middle teams still had to contend with paying their taxi before heading to the Pit Stop, on the grounds of the temple.  This delay allowed Amani and Marcus, who finished the Roadblock in last, to slip in to sixth place.  Unfortunately for Kaylani and Lisa, they were moments ahead of Amani and Marcus, but had to pay their cab and were eliminated.

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At our age we're going to die soon anyway.


Ernie did not look happy, which makes me happy.