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Even though Cathi and Bill finished over four hours behind the 10th place team, all eleven teams caught up to each other and took the same plane from Taipei to Jakarta, Indoneisa and the same train to Yogyakarta, Indonesia.  Competitive racing did not start until the taxi ride out of the train station to Jomblang Cave with Bill and Cathi getting out to an early lead.

The pair, nicknamed Ma and Pa, saw their lead immediately erased with the Speed Bump penalty they suffered for finishing last in the previous leg.  Before they could proceed to the Roadblock they had to untie a rope tangled in numerous knots.  The Speed Bump allowed Ernie and Cindy and Liz and Marie to pass them heading in to the cave.

The Roadblock at Jomblong Cave required the selected teammate to repel down a vertical cave, search for a mask and a dagger and climb up a large bamboo ladder to complete the challenge.  Cindi and Marie took advantage of Bill and Cathi’s Speed Bump to pass the grandparents at the start of the detour, but Bill used his superior upper body strength to pass the women on the climb and complete the Roadblock first.

Immediately after the Roadblock the teams were presented with a Detour.  The first option was Shake Your Money Maker which required the teams to dress in traditional costume and dance for money at a Yogkarta street intersection.  The other option was Be a Ticket Ticker where teams parked moped bikes at a parking spot in town.

The teams split their decision between the two options as even as possible, with five teams taking tickets and six dancing for money.  Neither option would prove to be too dynamic with all teams leaving the challenge within a spot of when they arrived.  Only Ethan and Jenna encountered any difficulty and it had nothing to do with the challenge – Jenna left the challenge without the clue and had to go back.

After the challenge, however, teams would get all mixed up by an unforeseen instruction.  Before heading to the Pit Stop teams were instructed to take the money they made dancing or taking tickets to a local orphanage.  Once at the orphanage there was an additional instruction to give the orphanage all of their money.

Only Andy and Tommy, Laurence and Zac and Kaylani and Lisa noticed the additional instructions and took advantage of their competitors mistakes going from fourth to first, eighth to second and tenth to third, respectively.  The remaining teams recovered from their mistakes leaving Ethan and Jenna and Ron and Bill to suffer the double elimination.

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I feel like OJ!


Jenna seems really nice, but she has that medusa-eye thing going.