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The teams undergo a huge transition to start the latest leg of The Amazing Race when they are instructed to fly from Malawi in Africa to Copenhagen, Denmark.  A flight option has been booked for all of the remaining six teams, but the teams are told they are allowed to look for better options.  Only Amani and Marcus do not look for a better flight and it costs them dearly.  

Fortunately for the trailing married couple, the deficit is under two hours because the leading five teams are stifled by the daytime operating hours of their location destination in Copenhagen, Vor Frelsers Kirke.  When the tower opened, the five leading teams had to climb the 400 stairs to the top and piece together their next destination out of the flag at the top of the tower and a large banner easily visible on a building rooftop.

Only Jeremy and Sandy do not see the banner on the building and start off in the wrong direction towards an incorrect castle.  This gaff costs them over an hour and when they return to the tower, they find Amani and Marcus have caught up with them.  That’s the good news for Amani and Marcus.  The bad news is that they are still well behind the leading teams.

At the top of the pack the leading teams made their way to Frederiksberg Slot, a gorgeous castle outside of Copenhagen.  The teams encountered a Roadblock which had the selected team member dress in traditional Danish garb and complete three different technical dances with the aid of an instructor.  Ernie, Cathi and Andy breezed through the task, but Zac struggled despite arriving at the Roadblock in fourth place.

After the Roadblock the teams were sent to Frilandsmusset outside of Copenhagen for a Detour.  Before they got there, however, the navigational bug would hit Amani and Marcus and Jeremy and Sandy again.  The former team got lost en route to the Roadblock.  The latter got lost en route to the Detour, allowing Amani and Marcus to pass them.

The first Detour option, All Hopped Up, required the teams to construct a rabbit jumping course and successfully navigate a rabbit through the course twice.  The other option, All Churned Out, asked the teams to churn six slabs of butter in the traditional Danish fashion.

Ernie and Cindy choose All Churned Up and finished the task just ahead of their closest competitors, Bill and Cathi.  After the Detour the teams encountered a Double U-Turn and Ernie and Cindy utilized the U-Turn on Bill and Cathi to try and secure a victory.  The move worked, but Bill and Cathi overcame the U-Turn, and finished in second place.

After completing All Churned Up and being U-Turned, Bill and Cathi had no idea how difficult the other half of the Detour would be.  They played it safe and assured someone else would be U-Turned when they used the U-Turn on Laurence and Zac.  Andy and Tommy slid past the father/son duo in to third and Amani and Marcus made a miraculous recovery for a fourth place finish.

Despite being U-Turned, Laurence and Zac still finished the Detour before Jeremy and Sandy.  However, Sandy’s lack of navigational skills must have rubbed off on Laurence and Zac and they drove an hour in the wrong direction before realizing their mistake.  The navigational error gave Jeremy and Sandy an even more unlikely fifth place finish and sent Laurence and Zac home.

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The Amazing Race Season 19 Episode 8 Quotes

Marcus: It feels like death to me.
Amani: If death came, I'm fighting death every step of the way.

Tommy: How do you drive a manual?
Andy: You put it in R first. R means real fast.