The Amazing Race Review: Devil in the Details

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Just when you think you have all the answers, I change all the questions.

The famous quote from former WWE wrestler “Rowdy” Roddy Piper is the perfect saying for this week’s episode of The Amazing Race, "The Spirit of Our Life." Teams were so flustered by the first change, the double elimination, that over 70% of them didn’t pay attention to the smallest change.

Bill and Cathi Read Their Clue

Having never run the race myself, perhaps I do not understand the mania that takes over when the fear of being eliminated is so eminent. Additionally, as the race has evolved the margins separating the teams have gradually gotten smaller. However, it continues to amaze me how often teams are eliminated or make mistakes simply from not reading.

With that in mind, I give The Amazing Race producers a lot of credit for this week’s simple twist in the middle of the episode. From years of watching the show, most teams are now much better about carefully reading and adhering to their clue. This most recent addition forces teams to pay even better attention to everything they encounter on the course.

Piper’s quote also applies to the double elimination which, besides Bill and Cathi, the remaining teams did not know about until they started the leg. The question that Roddy is now asking is this: was the change worth while? The quick answer is that the jury is still out.

The twist at the orphanage overshadowed the double elimination. Jenna was the only person who kept talking about needing to beat two teams, but because so many teams screwed up the instructions at the orphanage, no one really knew how far behind or ahead they were of the other teams. We cannot make an accurate evaluation of if the double elimination adds to the drama or not.

Ethan and jenna

One casualty of the double elimination was C-list (D-list?) celebrities, Jenna and Ethan. As a Survivor fan I was rooting for them in principle. However, besides Ethan’s great one-liners this week, the pair had not done much interesting in the two episodes they stayed on the race. Hard to say if we’re missing much or not.

The one team that does need to go is Justin and Jennifer. They’ve passed Kaylani and Lisa (who’ve been fine since that early breakdown) as my most hated team. That bitch-fest in the train station was unwatchable. I literally muted the television.  hope they are eliminated soon.

More from this week.

  • Marcus is hilarious.  If you don’t agree, check out his quotes.
  • How about that train out of Jakarta?  Was that the same train as the racers were on? Certainly they were in a different car than the one where people were riding on the top of the train, but that was still amazing. Puts Indian trains to shame.
  • Awesome idea by the race designers to have the teams donate their earnings and the money they had on them to the orphanage.
  • I loved how much Phil hammed up Kaylani and Lisa’s tenth to third place finish. You know he was dying for that to happen.

The Spirit of Our Life Review

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