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The first four teams to depart Buenos Aries, Argentina for Asuncion, Paraguay are rewarded with an 8:45am flight, almost two hours ahead of the trailing nine teams.  Upon arriving in Asuncion, however, Rachel and Dave, Mark and Bopper, Art and JJ and Nary and Jamie are faced with a very difficult Detour that quickly erases their lead on the trailing teams.

All four of the leading teams initially choose the Stacked option which has them create a 10x10 pyramid of watermelons as is done in the local fruit market.  Though physically strenuous, Art and JJ are able to complete the challenge without any mishap.  The other three teams are not so lucky and each experiences a collapse of their watermelon pyramid.  

Knowing the trailing teams are arriving and thinking the other option, Strung, may prove quicker, Rachel and Dave, Mark and bopper and Nary and Jamie all switch Detour challenges.  Brendon and Rachel and Kerri and Stacie initially choose Stacked, but see the early teams switching, quickly realize how difficult the challenge is and head to Strung.

Upon arriving at Strung, Rachel and Dave are met by Bopper and Mark, Nary and Jamie, Elliot and Andrew, Brendon and Rachel and Kerri and Stacie and start to fear that they are falling behind.  The military duo burns their Express Pass and follows Art and JJ to the Roadblock in second place.  Brendon and Rachel fly though stringing up a harp and vault in to third place with Mark and Bopper not far behind.

Ahead the Roadblock the selected teammate has to perform a series of choreographed moves while balancing a bottle filled with water on their head.  They only have a set number of bottles and if all of the bottles break before completing the Roadblock the teams will incur a two-hour penalty.

Art initially struggles with the balancing act, but ultimately completes the challenge which propels the border patrol officers in to first place at the nearby Pit Stop.  Dave is not as fortunate, breaks all of his bottles and while he and Rachel get to the Pit Stop in second place, they have to wait out a two-hour penalty.  This delay allows Brendon and Rachel, Joey “Fitness” and Dan, Bopper and Mark and Nary Jamie to pass them, pushing the military couple to sixth place.

At the back of the pack Elliot and Andrew are struggling with Strung while Vanessa and Ralph wrestle with Stacked, unbeknownst to each other.  Each team, believing they are in last, is stunned to see the other when the teams meet up at the Roadblock.  Unfortunately for Elliot, he’s not able to take advantage of his small lead on Ralph at the challenge and Vanessa and Ralph leave first and avoid elimination.

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I'll put a target on my back all day long.


We both do the same thing, we both protect America.