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The eighth leg of The Amazing Race began with a beautiful drive in to the Ngorogoro crater.  Although the teams were still technically racing, they were not driving themselves and many took the time to take in the sights and sounds of the impromptu safari.  Along with beautiful scenery numerous indigenous wild animals such as zebras and elephants were spotted.

Any respite from the race during the drive was short lived once the teams exited the crater and headed to Safari Junction.  Once in the small town the teams had to find the “Hillary Clington” merchant stand for the Detour clue.  The first option, Water Supply, required the teams to wait in line with locals to fill ten buckets with water to then deliver them to houses in the area.  The other option, Air Supply, required teams to patch a hole in a bike tire tube, a popular form of transportation in the area.

Only Art and JJ selected the water option and while it took them over 40 minutes to get through the line for water, they remained in third place behind Bopper and Mark and Rachel and Dave.  Any drama surrounding the Detour occurred after completing it with a double U-Turn.  The first two teams declined to U-turn anyone, but Art and JJ nailed Brendon and Rachel, citing an agreement with Rachel and Dave that whoever got to the U-turn first would turn the Big Brother couple around.

Upon arriving at the Double U-turn and seeing what Art and JJ had done, the pair realized they had to U-turn Vanessa and Ralph to make sure they stayed out of last place.  Vanessa and Ralph were not happy about having to do the other half of the Detour either, but both pairs were buoyed by knowing that not only were Nary and Jamie well behind, they still had a Speed Bump to complete before finishing as well.

After the Detour the teams made their way to Margaret’s Farm where they faced a Roadblock.  The selected teammate had to done bee keeper attire and collected 500 grams worth of honey.  Although scary with so many bees surrounding them, the challenge was not difficult or dangerous if the contestants remained calm.  All six teams departed the Detour in the order they arrived.

Prior to the Detour, Nary and Jamie had caught up with Vanessa and Ralph who were slowed by a flat tire in their taxi after completing both ends of the Detour.  The federal agents were excited they had erased the two hour deficit they previously had, but still had to complete the Speed Bump before the comeback was complete.  The pair had to arrange a local art gallery according to a picture they were provide.  

Nary and Jamie were able to complete the Speed Bump in good time, but unfortunately could not make up any more time on Vanessa and Ralph.  Bopper and Mark held off Rachel and Dave to win the leg while Vanessa and Ralph out lasted Nary and Jamie who finished last.  After surviving elimination in the previous leg due, the duo were not as fortunate this leg and were sent home.

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The Amazing Race Season 20 Episode 8 Quotes

Rachel: Can we drink this water?
Brendon: No. Don't.

We seen animals we ain't even know what they was!