Understanding Their Enemy - The Ark
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Garnet carefully makes her way through Ark 15.

She finds the weapons room, but gets caught by someone.

She beats the man and another guard up, knocking them out.

She attacks another guard inside the weapon room, questions him, then knocks him out.

Alicia and Dr. Kabir work on hatching the spiders.

Alicia starts working on helping Garnet hack into the weapon system.

Alicia gets access to the code and the ship through the hack she walked Garnet through.

Angus apologizes to Kelly for what he said about her mom in a way to regain her trust.

Garnet finds herself in a room filled with spiders.

Evelyn starts to torture William for the details of his plans.

Angus, Kelly, and Evelyn have dinner together.

An intruder alert starts on Ark 15, and Evelyn passes out.

She had a minor heart attack; a doctor revealed she has Klampkins.

Garnet gets caught when she gets to the Brig.

Brice passes out from his Klampkins.

When he comes to, he gets taken to Medbay.

Kelly is happy that Angus gave her mother CPR.

Kelly threatens Angus one more time.

Eva admits that she fell for Brice, and they share a kiss.

Cat has started going a bit stir-crazy alone in her room.

Evelyn learns that the spiders are the wrong DNA, and she wants to start killing hostages.

Brice wants to take the hypothetical cure even without testing it, which Kabir reluctantly agrees to.

Brice immediately reacts to the vaccine and flatlines.

Dr. Kabir manages to revive him.

Eva gets back to work on the weapon.

Angus panics and attacks Kelly, who he knocks out.

Angus, Garnet, Lane, and Trust escape the Brig.

Brice didn't react to the vaccine but had a heart attack.

Garnet and Lane fight their way out of Ark 15.

To launch the shuttlecraft, someone must stay behind, and Lane volunteers.

He climbs out of the shuttle and works on unlocking the locking bay.

Ark 15 locks their weapon onto the shuttle, but Eva manages to force the weapon to backfire.

Lane gets recaptured in Ark 15's shuttle bay.


The Ark
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