Fancy Couple
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Kyle and Megan arrive at the premiere of The Kill Plan. Megan offers Deann comfort on the loss of Mason.

Kyle is at the movie set. Megan wants to reach out to Hope and runs it by Shaun who isn't on board with the idea.

Deann is at Mason's funeral. She talks to Mason's son and learns that Mason talked about Deann to her son. She gives him her business card. They're sort of flirty which is disturbing.

Megan meets with Hope and asks her about her friends who had a bad experience with IHM. She doesn't want to tell Hope why and it seems like a dead end but then Hope agrees.

Megan and Kyle look over wedding cake designs.  Why are Nacine and Xavier there?

Deann and Terence talk about having a baby over dinner. They have sex for the first time in forever to try to make it happen.

Megan meets Hope to meet the guy.

Terence is having his naked meeting. Everyone is ready to take off their clothes while Terence is in his clothes. They all go individually and take their clothes off. How weird. He's starting his quest to see who he wants to have babies with. That's my take.

Megan and Hope are in a car still waiting for the guy who's supposed to meet them. It's very odd but not as odd as the stuff going on at IHM. Why is this girl talking and why do I care.

It turns out that the friend isn't showing up. Hope already knew this and lied to Megan. Megan is pissed off. Hope wants to refriend Megan. Megan has no interest.

So all these people are standing on a pedestal naked talking to Terence. I really don't get this at all. It's crazy.

What we learn about Shaun is that she used to enjoy being naked all the time even when she was a little girl, but now she's very embarrassed. Terence tries to tap into her feelings about her parents' divorce.

Xavier and Megan have sex scene. Megan has a leg crap and filming has to stop. Xavier is a sucky actor. Kyle admits to Megan how upset he is about The Kill Plan. Why do we keep going back to that film? Because it's making Kyle feel like a failure, and it scares him.

Megan and Xavier redo their sex scene to something much more interesting and sexy. Kyle is doing the filming with one camera up close. It's weird.

Deann walks out with Wes who she gave a set tour to. Then Wes comes on to Deann. How embarrassing. 

Megan gives Kyle the folder about her dad that Terence gave her. She tells him what Terence wants her to do, but she's confused and asks for Kyle's advice. Kyle thinks Terence is wrong about her going to her father. He tells her Terence doesn't have all the answers then they have sex.

Shaun goes to Terence's office to talk about the naked session. Terence learns that Megan met with Hope. Shaun is upset and confronts Megan about it. She doesn't want to help Megan anymore. After the naked session she's a different person. Megan thinks she's choosing IHM. Shaun says she's "choosing me." Now Megan is really alone.

Zak tells Megan it was he who she was supposed to meet last night. He warns her and Megan walks away. She doesn't trust anyone now. Now she thinks Terence is sending people to try to see what she's up to.


The Arrangement
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The Arrangement Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Megan: What's done is done. We can't change the past.
Terence: We can change how it affects us.

Megan: That's why people go to the movies, right? A little Kyle West escape?
Kyle: I can't argue with that. Escape.