Still Getting Married
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Megan is having some sort of flashback to her time at the Facility. She's at an engagement party put on by Terence. Everything is being infused with the Institute for the Higher Mind as Megan continues to have flashbacks to being kidnapped.

Leslie visits her at the party and tells Megan to visit with her. 

At home, Kyle asks Megan about her dream wedding if the IHM weren't planning it according to her contract.

Megan told Leslie what she was planning. Shaun is shocked. Megan tells Shaun she's ready to let Kyle go down with everyone else.

Megan visits with Leslie, but she has no information about Kyle's ex. 

Megan sees her dress for the first time while Kyle and Terence are at a shooting range. Megan tries on the dress. She looks beautiful.

Megan is at a meditation class with Kyle's ex. She has a vision about killing/beating up Terence. She leaves the course and Lisbeth finds her wanting to know why she is being followed. Megan asks questions but Lisbeth doesn't want her around.

Megan returns home and Kyle is asking her about how she really feels about him. She tells him she feels gratitude and love all while she is still having flashbacks. They get down to business.

Meanwhile, Deann is going to her bedroom and finds that Terence is with another woman. Deann has a text fest with some guy she's having an affair with.

There's a movie meeting and Leslie is very upset. She makes a scene and Megan has to apologize on her behalf. Before her and Kyle leave, she has to go to the bathroom. She's having some pain, but it's stress related -- maybe. They get home and Megan confronts Kyle about the movie. They fight. He questions why she's not made at him for sending her to the Facility. He wants to know the truth.

She basically tells him that he's too involved with Terence and letting other people rule their lives. She tells him it's all fake.

At the next meeting, Kyle sticks up for Megan. He wants her to be the star. He wants to direct. She doesn't know what to make of it.

He gets up to a podium to talk at an Institute picnic. he starts a cult mantra. I'm going to be GREAT! Very inspiring.

Deann meets with a woman who is apparently her lover, Mason.

Megan meets behind closed doors with Leslie. It looks like she's firing Leslie. She leaves Leslie's office and is very upset when she gets to her car. She gets a text from Lisbeth who wants to talk.








The Arrangement
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The Arrangement Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Burning this place down is going to take time. And patience.


Kyle: What's wrong?
Megan: I'm having my period.
Kyle: Is it wrong I don't care?