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Megan wakes up at the Institute's camp in a white room. The journalist comes in and offers her coffee. She declines. Then she gets a tour of the facility. Then she goes into an interview room and is interviewed.

Terence and DeAnn are watching Megan's interview. They talk about the blackmail.

Megan is not cooperating at the facility. At lunch, she talks to Anthony. She wants to know how to get out. The journalist lady interrupts and tells her she wants her to have a day to herself. They are all in prison camp outfits. Anthony has been there for eight months.

Deann and Terence is waiting for the extortionist guy at a diner. They give him directives on the money and what the requirements are for him to get the complete $5 million which won't be happening for five years. Then DeAnn threatens the guy and sends him away with 100 grand.

Megan is sleeping, hears a noise and sees another person has been kidnapped and brought to the facility. She runs to the van and hides in it to get out of the facility. She gets out.

 The guy stops in the middle of the woods to go to the bathroom and she jumps out of the van and takes off. He chases after her. She finds a house and runs to it, goes inside. It turns out that the woman is part of the Institute. She takes off and Kyle is out there to greet her as is Terence. 

Kyle tells her he had no choice if they want to be together.

Megan is put into a different cell-type room. Terence visits her and tells her what is going to happen. It's not threatening. He gives her a bottle with purple liquid in it that "will help her find the truth."Sh

She drinks the liquid. 

Deann talks to Kyle about the movie.

Terence and the drug guy watch Megan as she visits her "vault".

Megan goes back to the memory of Evan where she confronts him about what happened when she was 11 and he was 17. He tries to rape her again and she hits him over and over again with a bottle.

She wakes up really upset and Terence runs in and she confesses that it wasn't self-defense, it was "payback."

Megan is getting into the whole "truth" thing of the Institute and building her new narrative.

Kyle is meeting with a photographer about the upcoming photo shoot.

Kyle tells the guy he comes to the Institute to get away from living in the fishbowl.

Megan goes home. She has breakthroughs and wants to share them with Kyle so Terence brought her home. 

Kyle admits to going to Terence and then Megan spills her guts about what happened at the Institute.

Terence talks with DeAnn about what's going on with Megan. A security guy comes in and tells them the news that Colton, the extortionist, is dead. DeAnn gives a clear message that she's responsible for the guy's death.

Kyle wakes up and finds Megan is up and looking out the window. She couldn't sleep. Is Megan faking? Or is she being real? She's worried about losing Kyle.

Kyle and Megan, Terence and DeAnn are on their way to an award ceremony. Megan wants to talk about The Institute. Megan is a changed woman.

Megan is totally into the Institute's teachings right now giving advice to other Institute residents. She's talking about her "resistance".

Kyle is at his photo shoot as an undersea king.

Megan meets with Shaun. Shaun didn't tell Terence anything. Megan was faking it after all. She's going to "burn the whole thing down."







The Arrangement
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