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The Bachelor begins with Jason saying goodbye to Ty once again.

Jason Mesnick muses on his six-week history with the four remaining women, then he travels up to Canada to visit Jillian and her family first.

Jillian takes Jason to a winery. It's really neat. They settle inside with glasses of wine in front of a fireplace, and Jillian tells him about her family drama. Her mother was diagnosed with depression for 15 years.

She breaks down in tears as she tells him.

Fortunately, her mother has gotten better, and her parents' relationship has survived all of the hard times. Jason kisses her, and is pleased at how much she was willing to open up.

Jillian takes Jason home, and her dad drapes him with a huge Canadian flag.

Grandma takes Jason out onto the balcony to ask him some questions. She unfurls a long list of questions to ask him, but he holds his now.

Meanwhile, Jillian confides in her cousin that she has really developed real feelings for Jason.

Later, Jillian and her mom have a heart-to-heart about Jason, while Jillian's father takes his turn grilling him.

All in all, they had the best time.

Next, it's off to Grand Rapids, Michigan, to visit Molly and her family.

Molly greets Jason at the country club. Jason feels underdressed at the country club, so he changes into an outfit that Molly picked out.

They play a round of golf, then sit down for a picnic and Jason asks what he can expect when he meets the 'rents. She warns that her parents' opinion matters a lot.

They pull up to Molly's parents' house, and all sit down in the living room and talk golf. Molly's mother, Maryann, brings out these crazy hats to entertain Jason with. Yes, really.

Maryann takes Jason downstairs and instructs him to draw a picture of Molly's face. He decides to draw her at a Rose Ceremony.

It is a horrible picture, with a clown mouth and a tulip for a rose. But he won over her mom by trying hard which was the key.

Molly's dad sits her down and tells her to keep it cool if she happens to get eliminated. Don't cry in the limo!

Lake Elsinore, California. Naomi is dressed in her cowgirl best, and greets him with a big hug.

They drive up to Naomi's house, and she's worried about what her family will do since they are pretty kooky bunch.

Her parents are divorced, but will both be there.

As soon as they get to the house, Naomi's mother breaks out the hula hoops, and they all have a hula hooping contest. Jason is inept.

After hula-ing, Naomi's mom tells everyone about the beautiful white dove she accidentally killed with her windshield.

She brought the dove home, put it in a bag in the refrigerator and named it Rosie. Naomi's mom asks Jason to help bury Rosie and give her a eulogy that matches the somberness of the occasion.


After the "funeral," Naomi's father, Hector, takes Jason Mesnick aside to have a serious religion talk with him. Hector says there's only one God - and that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

The last hometown visit takes us to Dallas to see Melissa and her family.

Only when Melissa and Jason sit down for a picnic, she presents him with the bad news that he'll be meeting her friends instead of her family.

Her family seem to be the most sensible of all the families, not being comfortable with the whole reality TV thing.

Melissa and Jason show up at the house of Melissa's friends. There are two couples present, and one of them have brought their little girls along too.

Jason is a little bummed that he won't get to meet Melissa's family, and Melissa is really worried about it too.

Everyone sits down to dinner, and Melissa tells Jason that he's the first guy whom she has brought home to meet anyone.

After dinner, Melissa and her two women friends sit around gushing about "the boy," and Melissa gets teary-eyed talking about him.

Meanwhile, Jason and the two men play pool. He later asks the women about Melissa's family, and there is some question about whether anyone has met Melissa's parents. This has Jason perplexed.

After the evening with the friends, Jason and Melissa have a private talk together, giving him the opportunity to ask more about her parents.

They are just private people, and they haven't met very many of her friends at all. Then they do some kissing.

The Bachelor Rose Ceremony

Jason gives a rose to Molly and Jillian. As usual, Chris Harrison pops in to tell us that there is only one rose left.

The final rose goes to Melissa.

We all knew that was coming.

After the Ceremony, Jason takes Naomi downstairs and tells her that his decision had nothing to do with her or her family.

He thinks that they are in different places in their lives. This is the reality TV version of "It's not you, it's me."

Back upstairs with the three finalists, Jason tells them the happy news that he's taking them to New Zealand. Awesome. But will DeAnna Pappas really come back?!

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