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Jenni and DeAnna return to give Brad some “closure.”

Chantal O’Brien is the first girl out of the limo who slaps Brad.

Raichel Goodyear waxes Brad. Literally. She's a cosmetologist/esthetician. Anyway.

The 20 girls remaining after the first episode:

Alli Travis
Ashley Hebert
Ashley Spivey
Britt Billmaier
Chantal O’Brien
Emily Maynard
Jackie Gordon
Keltie Colleen
Kim Coon
Lindsay Hill
Lisa Morrisey
Madison Garton
Marissa May
Meghan Merritt
Melissa Schreiber
Michelle Money
Raichel Goodyear
Sarah Powell
Shawntel Newton
Stacey Queripel

The Bachelor
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