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Former Bachelorette Andi Dorfman shows up at Nick's hotel room to confront him about their past. The duo talks about Nick's final four, and what he is planning for the fantasy suite dates. Speaking of the fantasy suite, Andi asks Nick if he regrets asking her about their sex life on national television after their season wrapped.

Nick and Andi end on friendly terms, and Nick heads to the rose ceremony. He sends home Corinne, who is shocked. Corinne proceeds to cry (a lot), and Nick tries to comfort her. In the limo home, Corinne continues to sob, says she is never going to try and please a man again, and ends up taking a nap.

Raven, Rachel and Vanessa head to Finland with Nick. Raven gets the first date, and they spend the day together in a helicopter and then in a pub playing darts. Raven confesses to Nick that she has never had an orgasm, and that she has only slept with one man before. Nick turns red, but still invites Raven into the fantasy suite.

They head to the fantasy suite together, and the episode ends. Next week, The Bachelor will be three hours long, including the Women Tell All special.


The Bachelor
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The Bachelor Season 21 Episode 9 Quotes

Nick: I have four very smart women... strong-headed women.
Andi: And they stuck around?

I think this conversation might call for some whiskey.