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On the finale of The Bachelor, it's time for Nick's final two ladies to meet his family. Raven is up first, and she hits it off with his mother. Vanessa, on the other hand, hits it off with his dad. Both of the girls say they love Nick, but Raven is the only one to say she is ready to get engaged.

Nick also gets to go on final dates with his girlfriends before he makes his decision. With Vanessa, he goes horseback riding and hangs out with Santa Clause. She opens up to him about her doubts since there is still another girl in the picture. She wants confirmation that he is going to pick her, but Nick cannot give it to her. On this date with Raven, they go ice skating and play with puppies. She is extremely confident that he is going to pick her and they will get engaged.

However, Raven is the first one out of the car, and he sends her home. She is upset, but actually handles it pretty well.

Vanessa arrives shortly after. He immediately tells her that he's in love with her and sees a future with her. Nick proposes, and Vanessa accepts. They are engaged.

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The Bachelor Season 21 Episode 11 Quotes

There’s no denying how confident I felt about Andi and Kaitlyn in the moment.


My only concern is god forbid he would get rejected again.

Nick's dad