Wild Night Out - The Baker and the Beauty
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The series introduces us to the tight-knit Garcia family. 

They own a bakery in Miami's Little Havana neighborhood. 

They're all teasing Daniel, the eldest son, about his upcoming fourth anniversary with Vanessa. Daniel has no plans on proposing, but they believe a woman like her will give him an ultimatum. 

As everyone is talking about his needy girlfriend, their attention is redirected towards the television where news of Noa Hamilton's breakup is making headlines. Noa is a worldwide fashion model who was allegedly cheated on by her actor boyfriend, Colin, who is set to star at the next Batman. 

Natalie, Daniel's younger sister, is a huge fan and looks up to Noa. 

Daniel and Vanessa celebrate their anniversary at a ritzy and trendy restaurant. 

Vanessa is talking about getting a place together and brings up a nursery, which freaks Daniel out. 

He excuses himself and runs to the bathroom, where he begins talking to a portrait of the owner on the wall. 

Noa waltzes in and assures him if you have to talk yourself into something, you should just stop talking. 

Daniel is smitten as she informs him that everything at the restaurant sucks and not to give in to the hype. /

He comes out of the bathroom a changed man until Vanessa makes a scene because she's proposing to him. 

She gives a huge speech and then sings Taylor Swift's "Love Story" to a clearly embarassed Daniel. 

He rejects her proposal, which embarrasses Vanessa and she throws a tantrum and leaves the restaurant declaring she's "officially single."

She also spils the soup on his nice shirt. 

Daniel begins walking home after his brother, Mateo, refuses to pick him up because he's playing a "huge gig" at a middle school dance. 

Noa and her entourage pull up next to Daniel and offer him a ride. 

Daniel agrees, and Noa tells him she'll grant him three wishes. 

Daniel, ever so humble, asks for a clean shirt. Noa forces her manager, Lewis, to give up one of his layers to Daniel. 

She then takes him to her next fun activity -- scaling the side of her father's high rise to graffiti an image of herself that she didn't approve of. 

Meanwhile, Vanessa is a mess at home and asks her friend is she maybe overstepped and bruised Daniel's ego. She believes that she deprived him of the chance of asking her and thinks he's at home curled up to death thinking he lost her forever. 

Since Daniel isn't picking up his phone, Vanessa calls his mother, who has no idea that anything went down. 

She calls Mateo to get ahold of Daniel, and he tells his brother that he's out with Noa Hamilton. 

His brother doesn't believe him, but when he arrives at the hotel and sees that they were scaling the building, he's impressed. 

Noa's next stop is to Julio's her favorite restaurant. 

Her manager tries to warn her to send Daniel home, but she's not intrested. 

She asks Julio if they can make some pastries together in the kitchen since he's a baker, and Julio gives the green-light. 

The two have a fun time baking, and Noa is impressed with his skills. 

Lewis tells them a crowd is gathering and they have to leave. 

The final stop is a trendy club in Miami, where Noa and Daniel begin dancing and really vibing with each other. 

Mateo informs his parents that Daniel rejected Vanessa's proposal, which delights his mother. 

When he tells them that Daniel is out with Noa, they all laugh in his face. 

Natalie is shocked when she sees a picture of her brother and her idol, and the family is impressed. 

Vanessa comes by the house in the middle of the night calling to wake up Daniel. 

Mateo informs her that Daniel is sleeping off the horrible night and that they should just wait until they've both calmed down to speak. 

She agrees. 

Noa and Daniel have a cute heart-to-heart and almost kiss, but when people start snapping photos, she ushers them both inside. 

Daniel goes to grab drinks when Noa's ex, Colin, shows up at the club telling her the fling with a co-star was a publicity stunt. 

Lewis tells Daniel that he should cut his losses by leaving now and sparing himself the hurt and humiliation since this is a "thing" Noa does when she's hurt. 

Daniel doesn't like being treated like a charity case and gives Lewis back his sweater before leaving the club shirtless with his pride in-tact.

It takes him until morning to walk back home without any battery left on his cellphone. 

When he gets to the bakery, he sees a line out the door. Noa tagged his family's bakery in a social media post and business is booming. 

His family is so grateful when he walks through the door. 

He goes to sleep off the night.

Vanessa wakes up the next day and as she's gearing up to win Daniel back, she gets a text message from a friend that includes the screenshot of Noa's profile. 

She freaks out and storms into the bakery looking for Daniel. 

Meanwhile, his mother wakes him up and tells him he has a visitor. 

She pushes him to go out through the back where Noa is waiting for him. 

The Baker and the Beauty
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