Turned Upside Down - The Baker and the Beauty
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Noa is announcing her venture into acting when she's blindsided by a question about Vanessa's tell-all interview about her breakup with Daniel. 

Daniel tries to play the hero and pulls the fire alarm as a distraction, which guarantees the moment makes national news. 

Soon, retailers begin pulling business and ending partnerships because they believe Noa is bad for business. 

She begins interviewing board members to see who wants to get rid of her, but no one bites. 

That is until Lewis and Piper find out it's one of her most trusted board members who is conspiring with her father. 

Noa informs Daniel that she has to make things right and convince board members not to listen to her father. He offers to jet off with her, but she explains that this is something she has to do alone. 

Daniel struggles with the paparazzi as they turn on him following the tell-all.

It also affects his family. Natalie is bullied by a girl who calls her family the "Garciadiggers." When she retaliates, the girl punches her in the face and gets her suspended. 

Her mother isn't pleased and tells Natalie she can no longer see Amy.

Mateo fires Vanessa, but she encourages him to go to the meeting with a music producer he admires. 

The meeting is a flub as the producer tells Mateo he has no shot in this industry. He even admits he only took the meeting to meet Vanessa. 

Things at the cafe aren't going great either as Raf and Mari learn they hired a scam company who cashed the deposit and disappeared. 

When Daniel tells them he wants to go to Morrocco for three-months as Noa shoots a movie, they blame all their current situations on Noa. 

They even tell him that he's living in fantasy versus following his dreams and call him selfish. 

Daniel assures them the mess started when Vanessa gave the interview, so he pays her a visit. She informs him everything she said was true to clear her own name. 

As he leaves, he punches Kurt, the journalist, who continues trying to instigate. 

Raf and Mari take matters into their own hands but end up hitting a gas line. The building gets shut down when they find asbestos in the walls putting their expansion plans on hold. 

The Baker and the Beauty
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The Baker and the Beauty Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

We know for a fact the board has been talking. And if they're not talking to you, they're talking about you.


This time... we all get to create a place together. And one day, you're gonna be standing right here with your own son and you're going to say, "I remember the day we broke down that wall."