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Amy attends a neurobiology conference while Sheldon joins Koothrappali in a telescope room, looking for rogue planets.

Penny convinces Leonard to have an appointment with a psychiatrist as a means for her getting her foot in the door for a sales pitch.

After two years, Stuart finally finds a place of his own and moves out of Howard's house.

Sheldon discovers an asteroid. He convinces Koothrappali to name it after Amy.

Sheldon gives the news to Amy, and tells her that in exchange they have to name all of their future kids Rajesh. Even the girls.

Sheldon meets with the psychiatrist. He's surprised to learn that she's read all of Leonard's mother's books and that she disagrees with her theories on child rearing.

Stuart moves out. Howard and Bernadette discover, to their horror, that they miss him.

Leonard arrives home. He tells Penny that the psychiatrist is willing to meet with her to discuss drug sales.

Penny meets with Dr. Gallo. Gallo challenges her on why she had Leonard pretend to be a patient so Penny could get access to her. Gallo suggests Leonard married Penny - who she suggest is an overbearing woman  - because he was perpetuating the relationship he had with his mother.

Penny and Dr. Gallo have a serious conversation about the dynamics of their relationship. She tells Gallo about the Star Wars toys that litter their bedroom, and about how she feels Leonard's turning her into his mother.  She tells her about Sheldon - who she describes as a man-child - and about how he's living with them.

In the final scene, Stuart stands beside Howard and Bernadette's bed and watches them creepily as they sleep.

The Big Bang Theory
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The Big Bang Theory Season 9 Episode 12 Quotes

Gallo: Here is a man raised by an overbearing woman who completely dominated every aspect of his formative years. Do you think he's perpetuating that relationship by seeking out a partner like you?
Penny: You know, I used to wear tank tops a lot. That was a big selling point.

Penny: How can I not sound like his mother when our entire bedroom is filled with Star Wars toys? I mean have you ever had sex with a stuffed Wookie watching you?
Gallo: I went to college in the 70's. It was a hairier time. I'm going to say yes.