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Wil Wheaton has asked Sheldon to be a part of a documentary on Mr. Spock, which he is working on with Leonard Nimoy's son.

Sheldon calls Amy and leaves her a message asking her to come watch as he's being filmed for the documentary.

Bernadette wants to re-decorate the house, but Howard is attached to the memories of his mother and doesn't want to change any of the rooms.

Adam Nimoy begins filming Sheldon, asking him about his first memories of seeing Spock, and whether or not he has any collectibles. As he reaches for his Leonard Nimoy napkin, which is kept in an wall safe that Leonard didn't know existed.

Also in the safe is the ring Sheldon was planning to give Amy, which he then shows to everyone.

Sheldon becomes visibly upset (as much as Sheldon really can) then starts talking about the documentary again.

Bernadette's dad comes to the house to help with redecorating.

Bernadette's dad says he knows Howard doesn't want to have kids. Howard is surprised by that statement, telling Bernadette's dad that he would love to have children. It turns out that Bernadette is lying.

Sheldon announces that he's going to go find Amy and propose to her.

The Big Bang Theory
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The Big Bang Theory Season 9 Episode 7 Quotes

Penny: Does the study say what happens to unpopular kids?
Leonard: You tell me. You woke up in bed with one.

Raj: Oh, hey! High five!
Sheldon: Absolutely not.