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Cathy catches Adam watching porn this week, which leads to a very uncomfortable mother/son moment. It also inspires Nancy to consider her sex life, as she proceeds to get her private area totally waxed...

... and she loves it! She considers it liberating, to the point that she totally flashes the sexy janitor painting the school mural. He responds later by approaching her from behind and they have sex on Cathy's desk.


- Paul continues to get hit on by the rugby skank. He can't play due to an eye injury, so she offers to skip the game, too, and smoke up with him in the car. He accepts this offer. It's unclear if they've hooked up yet.

- Marlene assists Sean by giving him a suit from her late husband. He then gets arrested in it when he causes a scene at town hall in an attempt to prevent a building from getting knocked down.

- We see Andrea going on a run, trying to lose a lot of weight.

The Big C
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