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In an airport, a guy sets off a gas canister that kills the people inside.

Howard is telling Tom about a secret message Scottie might have delivered to someone.

Scottie is telling her loverboy all sorts of information including info about Whitehall. Then she stops talking. She wants a weekly rate.

The CIA guy is telling Scottie about the Germany attack.  Scottie sends Solomon and Tom on a job as flight attendants.  they're trying to find people who want to steal stuff out of the plane.

Almost immediately things start going wrong. No wi-fi and the plane vanished from radar tracking at Dumont's place.

Nez finds out information about the potential hijacking.

Tom and Solomon warn the pilots. The hijackers take over the plane. The pilots are passed out in the cockpit. Solomon is knocked out, but Tom is still okay. He hides.

Tom is in the cargo hold and finds the radar jammer. He destroys it and gets in touch with Dumont. Tom gives them an update. 

One of the hijackers goes down to the cargo hold to find Tom. The other hijackers lock Tom in the hold. He gets out. He has to land the plane. Part of the plane flew off.

Tom stabilizes the plane. He's the hero we need.

Tom gets home, but Solomon is still missing. As are some of the hijackers who ended up taking a woman hostage. 

The hijackers take the woman to a barracks type place. She's a CIA operative.

Tom gets into Scottie's office and starts snooping. He meets with Howard and calls Howard out for being a weirdo.

Solomon has one of the hijackers and is trying to contact HQ.

Tom is going to tell Scottie something but Dumont interrupts about Solomon.

The girl escapes from her captor after he rescued her from the larger group. The captor chases after her.

Tom and team show up. Tom takes the guy down.

Cat shows up to meet Trevor for his weekly contract with Scottie.

Tom is about to tell Scottie that he's her son when he sees something that stops him from telling her.

Tom figures out the comic book message, but he's too late. Solomon has found Howard.







The Blacklist: Redemption
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The Blacklist: Redemption Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Plane captain: What happened?
Tom: Help me land this thing and I'll tell you all about it.

You. Me. The great wall between us.