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A man walking his dog sees an airplane crash.

Cat interrupts Scottie's sex session with a male hooker citing an urgent call from General Phillips. Scottie leaves to meet with him.

Scottie meets with the team about the downed plane and explains how it was filled with dead people from a morgue and that Russian intelligence was responsible for the crash.

She sends Scottie and Solomon to act as members of the NTSB. She then asks Cat to find out what else Howard was hiding from her. tom overhears.

Tom and Solomon are on site in Russia to investigate the crash. While Solomon distracts, Tom takes off with help from Dumont to what they thought was a weapons facility. Instead, it's a town called Independence. Tom gets back before the crash guards get suspicious.

Cat gives Scottie information before she goes into the conference room to analyze the pictures Tom took.

Scottie finds information about Independence from a Russian contact.

Tom gets an anonymous text to meet his dad. Scottie stops him to give him information about getting to Independence. 

Howard is nuts. He claims that Scottie kept him medicated to keep him from seeing the truth. Whaaat? Tom is worried that Scottie's snooping around will expose who he really is.

Tom and Nez wait to be picked up by Russian agents to take them to Independence where they get new identities and must fit in so they can bring their fight to America.

Tom has a wife he goes home to who acts like she knew all along who he was. It's sort of like a Wayward Pines feel.

Scottie is continuing to investigate Howard. She has Solomon with her as they approach the company's CFO to find out information.

Tom and his wife, Hannah, go to a birthday party. Nez is there. tom and the wife have a shower moment and he talks about Liz.

The woman who flipped out at the birthday party is taken away by the lady Russian agent. The girl screams in fear.

Nez goes for a run and her husband is being transferred to America. Nez goes on a job interview. Tom and his wife go for a walk.

The guy she interviews with hits on her and Nez kicks his ass before sitting back down.

Nez and Tom talk at a basketball game. She tells him that the water is being drugged. Nez is confronted by an agent and taken to the Russian lady agent who brings up her bank incident. She's going to be put on a new assignment and has to have plastic surgery to take on the identity of a real person in America.

Scottie and Solomon continue their investigation. She finds out that Howard was looking for their son.

Tom is in bed with his wife. He goes out running with Nez. The wife knows he went out. 

Tom and Nez break into City Hall to try to upload stuff to Dumont, but they are busted. Scottie realizes they have to get to the real Americans before the Russian doppelgangers do. 

Tom and Nez are confronted via video by the Russian agent.

Solomon is looking for the people the doppelgangers are targeting.

Nez and Tom are trying to find a way out to get to the extraction point. They get out and head to the extraction point. Tom is confronted by Cynthia, he wife, who pulls a gun on him. She's about to shoot him when Nez hits her with the van.

Solomon catches and confronts the doppelgangers to stop the bombing, and when they don't agree to give up, he gives the greenlight to have them shot which they are ... all at once in the head. Badass.

Nez shares a bit of personal information with Tom about how she got involved with Howard.

Scottie tells Tom about what she found out about her son. She's not going to stop until she finds out. Tom is freaked out and visits Howard, but all Howard wants to know about Operation Northstar.

Howard thinks Scottie is a sleeper agent. He thinks the sleeper cell murdered the real Scottie in a car accident year again.









The Blacklist: Redemption
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The Blacklist: Redemption Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

So you downed a plane? Edgy.


Howard's gone and I'm in charge of the company he built. So, whether I like it or not, I have to stand out. Stand out. And I can't do that without therapy, anti-depressants and people like you who Howard confided in.