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Scottie is trying to get information out of a guy before pretending to throw him out of a plane via simulation machine.

Tom gets a phone call from his dad's attorney. He has to go to NY to see what it's all about. 

Tom is in NY and is dropped off by a pay phone by the taxi. He's told to answer the phone. On the other end is someone who is giving him information on his childhood. He hangs up but the phone rings again. 

When he meets the guy  in the park, he reveals himself to be Tom's father.

He calls Liz to tell her what's going on when Scottie pulls up and accosts him and tells him about the job his father insisted he take when Scottie offers it.

Scottie takes him into a room to meet with Solomon. Scottie gets right down to business getting Tom and Solomon up to speed about the job.

They immediately get started on the job kidnapping a girl they need to get the information they need to find who they're looking for. Solomon and Tom fight and the girl gets away which was all planned.

Tom tells Scottie he is in for only one job and he asks questions about his father (even though she doesn't know he's her son.)

The job continues with Scottie and Tom having to go to a party to access files.Tom gets what they need and they leave the party.

Leland Bray is upstairs torturing the woman while her son listens. In the meantime, the team gets into Bray's house.They untie the woman. Solomon and the other woman look for the kid, but can't find him. Leland took the boy.

Solomon finds Leland and the boy. Bray is shot and the boy is saved.

Tom is with the CIA woman in the hospital. When Tom leaves to take a phone call, the woman escapes. 

The woman goes to the team that Bray wanted her to blow up. Solomon and the other woman show up.  They have to surgically remove the bomb from Anna's stomach.

Tom is at Howard's funeral where Scottie is giving the eulogy. tom's certificate of death is officialized. Howard's company goes to Scottie.

Tom meets with Howard in the park. Howard gives Tom a packet of information about his plane being sabotaged then takes him to an apartment.  He shows Tom a wall full of his search to find Tom. Howard wants Tom to find out what Scottie has planned and to stop her.

Tom meets Scottie at the cemetery and tells her he'll do another job.





The Blacklist: Redemption
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The Blacklist: Redemption Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Tom: Are you sure about this?
Liz: It's only an hour flight. You'll be back in time for dinner. What could possibly go wrong?

You should know...I have anger issues. My therapist says it's because I have no coping mechanism.