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Ressler talks with his NA friend, who is making amends but is trying to avoid his wife, who he says he hurt the most.

Cooper visits Reddington and lays out the reality the Task Force is looking at. Raymond provides three cases.

In the first case, a fertility clinic lost all its embryos after a hacker shut down power.

In the second one, patients died in different hospitals, and Red thinks someone is killing patients as an act of mercy.

In the third case, a lawyer is stealing from her clients after arguing for their settlement.

In the case of the lawyer, Ressler visits one of her clients who says his case was settled for a million, but according to Cooper, the amount was much higher.

At the clinic, Dembe and Siya interview the superior and the network manager. There are too many coincidences.

The team is still unaware of what Raymond's angle in all this is.

Raymond breaks into Hudson's house and finds a peculiar file.

The team learns that the company contracted for network solutions also had embryos in the clinic.

In the case of the dead patients, Herbie realizes that they all died of too much potassium.

Red continues to track down the person in the file he found at Hudson's.

The team finds a suspect, who is a floater nurse, and gets to her before she injects a patient.

The FBI interviews the Addabos and learns that his son, who works as the network admin, might be the culprit.

Siya and Dembe interview him, and he confesses to having destroyed the embryos because he is jealous of the potential children his dad's new wife might have.

Cooper calls Red and asks why the cases appear too easy.

Ressler interviews the nurse who claims innocence. He is called out of the interrogation room and informed that the nurse is innocent. The fault lay in the IV bags.

Red talks to the lady in Hudson's file and learns that Hudson takes care of her from afar after putting away her parents.

The team interrogates the company responsible for the manufacture of the IV bags.

It all boils down to corporate greed.

The team finds a connection between the three cases where they are all part of a charity organization's board.

Red is a donor under an alias.

Dembe pays him a visit.

The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 10 Episode 15 Quotes

This isn't something I haven't admitted to the press. I had surgery for testicular cancer last year. We made our embryos before the procedure.


Wagner: I've worked my entire adult life for my father. He wrote the foundational code that starred the contact. But I'm the one who kept this relevant in the 21st century. I'm not going to split half of everything I've worked for with a couple cells in a petri dish.
Siya: You know, it takes a lot to build a family. My own own mother was willing to sacrifice anything. When I think about all those families and their dreams, about what was lost, what you destroyed for money?